List of anti-Trump Republicans

It’s nice that they are making it so easy for us by stating that they will never support Trump. In most cases it’s obvious they are not on the side of the American people but it helps to know who’s who.

It’s enlightening to notice the preponderance of a certain ethnic group who make up a single digit percentage of the national population being overrepresented on this list. Make of it what you will.

Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.)

Gov. Charlie Baker (Mass.)

Glenn Beck, radio host

Michael Berry, radio host

Max Boot, former foreign policy adviser to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

Brent Bozell, conservative activist

Jay Caruso, RedState

Mona Charen, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center

Eliot Cohen, former George W. Bush official

Former Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.)

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.)

Steve Deace, radio host

Rep. Bob Dold (Ill.)

Erick Erickson, writer

David French, writer at National Review

Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief,

Jonah Goldberg, writer

Rep. Richard Hanna (N.Y.)

Doug Heye, former RNC communications director

Ben Howe, RedState writer

Former Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.)

Cheri Jacobus, GOP consultant and former Hill columnist

Robert Kagan, former Reagan official

Randy Kendrick, GOP mega-donor

Matt Kibbe, former FreedomWorks CEO

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.)

Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard editor

Mark Levin, radio host

Dana Loesch, radio, TV host and writer

Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney aide

Tucker Martin, former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R-Va.) communications director

Former RNC Chairman Mel Martínez (Fla.)

Liz Mair, GOP strategist

David McIntosh, Club for Growth president

Ken Mehlman, former RNC chairman

Tim Miller, Our Principles PAC

Katie Packer, chairwoman of Our Principles PAC

Former Gov. George Pataki (N.Y.)

Former Rep. Ron Paul (Texas)

Katie Pavlich, Townhall editor and Hill columnist

Brittany Pounders, conservative writer

Rep. Reid Ribble (Wis.)

The Ricketts family, GOP mega-donors

Former Gov. Tom Ridge (Pa.)

Rep. Scott Rigell (Va.)

Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP presidential nominee

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post conservative blogger

Sarah Rumpf, former BreitBart contributor

Mark Salter, writer and former aide to John McCain

Rep. Mark Sanford (S.C.)

Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.)

Elliott Schwartz, Our Principles PAC

Tara Setmayer, CNN analyst and former GOP staffer

Ben Stein, actor and political commentator

Stuart Stevens, former Romney strategist

Paul Singer, GOP mega-donor

Charlie Sykes, radio host

Brad Thor, writer

Connor Walsh, former digital director for former Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

Former Rep. J.C. Watts (Okla.)

Peter Wehner, New York Times contributor

Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (N.J.)

George Will, writer

Rick Wilson, Republican strategist

4 thoughts on “List of anti-Trump Republicans

  1. The people on this list make me SICK. The voters have spoken and they don’t get it. They seem to think they’re personal opinion trumps what their constituents believe. It seems their constituents are screaming and they turn a deaf ear to them. Whether you support Trump for President or not, the people on this list should be on your list to get OUT of office. They appear to be putting their personal agenda’s and or belief’s before their constituents. SAD


  2. I am very concerned because these listed above are making a choice to allow a known person who has commented treason (Edward Snowndon and others who have been Truth-tellers) are facing severe consequences while Hillary is permitted to even be in the running. Hillaary and those who back her (the above list included – by their choice to not back Trump) are willing to sacrifice the ENTIRE USA so they (the above listed) can stand by and idly comment “I chose not to vote for Trump because….” (whatEVER their logic is)…they have become part of the ever-growing circular firing squad.
    If you think God will judge you, I am sure he will….Trump has done more for the middle class as well as those of us without political monies/ huge incomes….while the republicans have been dedicated water carriers for the Obama agenda. Watching “symbolic” voting means nothing when the constituents gave them power of the purse (via the Constitution) and majority to undo the mess…..instead, they chose to do NOTHING.
    Bringing forth a relatively unknown candidate after the PEOPLE voted means the Liar (Hillary) will be able to continue the rape of our Nation.
    The above people are deluded to think that Hillary would be better…or that THEIR candidate will win…..we WILL have communism.


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