Professor: ‘equivalent of Nazis’

A Harvard law professor named Mark Tushnet says that the right has lost the ‘culture wars’ and they deserve to be treated as the ‘functional equivalent of Nazis’ and shown no mercy.

“For liberals,” Tushnet writes, “the question now is how to deal with the losers in the culture wars. That’s mostly a question of tactics. My own judgment is that taking a hard line (‘You lost, live with it’) is better than trying to accommodate the losers.”

“Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown,” he notes, whereas “taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.”

First of all, this man is either profoundly ignorant of history or he deliberately misrepresents facts. For instance, when was the ”winning” side in the War Between the States ever ”nice” to the vanquished? When the South was devastated and wounded and in chaos, thanks to the scorched-earth tactics of Sherman et al, the North asssumed a punitive and vindictive attitude and punished the White Southern population harshly for years, under the Orwellian name of ‘Reconstruction.’ For spite, with malicious intent, they loosed the ‘freedmen’ on the rest of the people and turned a blind eye to the depredations that inevitably followed. Even to this day, the people who tried to mount self-defense efforts during those dark years are vilified as being hateful and evil just for trying to defend their families and homes and property (or what property they still had left.).

The left in Lincoln’s day was not much different from today’s left; they are motivated by spite, malice, covetousness, envy, and bitterness. They are deeply dishonest and lacking any sense of honor or ethics, all the while preaching about ”justice” and ”tolerance.”

This professor speaks of the ”losers” on the right; the left, ever since the Jacobins’ day at least, is made up of nothing but a coalition of losers: people who hate and envy those who seem in some way to have advantages or successes they themselves lack.

For the time being, these Leftist Losers, these professional victims and aggrieved complainers are in the ascendancy. And for some time these extremists have done exactly what this professor recommends: they treat their opponents not as honorable opposition but as The Enemy. It’s strange, considering that these leftists say that all men are brothers and that we have no foreign enemies, while they harbor such venomous hatred towards their own countrymen who hold different views on political and social issues. Then it’s scorched earth, all the way. It’s easy to understand, when looking at the words and deeds of the individual leftist, how Communists and other leftists have killed tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of human beings during the last century alone. And they project their own hatred onto us. We are the haters; yet their words are dripping with malice and vitriol.

So this man named Tushnet says we are the losers; they are the winners. But they are sore winners. Should they not eventually rest on their laurels, and say ”we’ve got what we wanted; we’ve changed the world drastically. We’re on top. We’ve de-fanged our opponents with this diabolical idea of political correctness, so they can’t fight back effectively. We’ve filled their minds with propaganda and lies and most of them accept it.” Can’t they be satisfied that they’ve made a wreckage of Christendom and Western Civilization? Apparently not. Chairman Mao spoke of ‘perpetual revolution’. There is never an end to the left’s efforts to ‘improve’ the world, and unfortunately a lot of people suffer by their ‘improvements.’

The left, like their daddy Satan, never sleep. They never rest from their labors. They are indefatigable, and their malice is a bottomless well.

It’s ironic to consider that Harvard University was established by early English colonists for the purpose of training Ministers of the Word. Now the sacred Word, to the heathens of Harvard, is the word of Marx or Gramsci or anyone other than the Living God. Mr. Tushnet (yes, the name is Jewish, unsurprisingly) hates Christians yet he makes his living at a university founded by and for Christians. Could the founders of Harvard have envisioned people like the anti-Christian Tushnet teaching at their school and carrying out his vendetta against the Faith and all who uphold traditional morality? I think they would have foregone founding their school had they known the way it would be changed and made into a base for attacking Christianity and all that is good.

Ironically, too, many of the conservative Christians who have attempted to fight a purely defensive culture war against the militant left have been persuaded to believe that Jews are their natural allies and spiritual brothers in the Abrahamic covenant. Jews do not see it that way, but some have done a good job of convincing Christians that they are on our side. It should be obvious that this is not so.

Some commentators on the right say that our side should abandon the ‘culture wars’ as being a diversion from more important issues. They say we could win more people over if we stopped mentioning social issues like abortion, ‘gay rights’, same-sex marriage, and now transgender restrooms. But the social issues are important, and it isn’t an either/or question. Politics, as I said, don’t exist in a vacuum. If we prevail politically yet we are content to let the left’s social revolution (promiscuity, illegitimacy, drug use, abortion, miscegeny, sexual confusion, etc.) remain, then we will have lost nevertheless.

5 thoughts on “Professor: ‘equivalent of Nazis’

    • Yes. This is something that I’ve tried to say over the years that I’ve been blogging or posting on various forums. Immigration is key to all the other issues that people supposedly care about yet lots of people fail to see any connection, fail to see why the issue of immigration is all-important.


  1. This was their intent from the beginning. Eradicate whites and Western culture. Even today too many whites are completely oblivious or have bought into it doesn’t matter.

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  2. leeinthemountains – good to see you here.
    I think more people are starting to ‘wake up’ but is it already too late? Sometimes I think so but we have to proceed as if it isn’t. Like a lot of people I think Trump is the only hope, imperfect though he is (and who isn’t?).


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