Too good to be true

I thought it was too good to be true. The headline at RT (Russia Today) said ”…handover of Russian territory to foreigners.”

Russia Today has somehow become a preferred news outlet for disenchanted alt-righters, just as the country of Russia and its current leader, Vladimir Putin, are now the good guys mainly because Russia was once our enemy. The knee-jerk tendency by which people seem to reason : ‘our country is now the Evil Empire, as Russia was in Reagan’s time, so now Russia Today is the voice of truth, because Western media are lying presstitutes.’ But what if both sides are wrong in different ways, and what if Russia Today and other Russian news sources are also lying? Is that not possible?

In at least this one case, Russia Today either deliberately or accidentally misinterpreted the offer of land to Russian nationals and compatriots as being a ‘come one, come all’ invitation. Some of the blog discussions of it that I read seemed to think there was an invitation meant to aid those under siege in the West, like White South Africans or Europeans. I am sure that a number of unhappy Americans were packing up and getting ready to claim their free land in Russia. But it was not true.

The New Observer reports this misunderstanding, saying

The Duma spokesman had no explanation why RT had misinterpreted the bill to mean foreigners, as, he said, it had never been a point of discussion in the text.”

This makes it sound as though RT was unlikely to have made just an honest mistake, especially considering that the ‘journalists’ there certainly have access to all the reports and information on the finer points of the offer.

I did have the RT app for Roku at first and I found that channel to be staffed with what appeared mostly left-wing Western expats, from Britain or New York, and it also appeared, for those who keep track, that many of the on-air personalities are Jewish. Given that many on the alt-right are skeptical, to say the least, of Jewish influence in the media and elsewhere, it has always struck me as odd how quickly RT became a go-to news source. I no longer read it or watch it; they may occasionally report on something that ”our” media have blacked out or hidden, but they do so only when there is a chance to make the West look bad. Some say the cold war is over; I think it’s just taken on a slightly different form. Russia and our country are not friends and I believe there is still plenty of distrust and suspicion on their side as well.  I do understand that many people seem to need some country to look up to, as our country’s regime has become openly hostile to us and inimical to our interests, but just because Russia was once our open enemy (though some doubt even that) does not mean that the truth must be the exact opposite.

I also understand that Putin presents an attractive public image as a strong and patriotic leader of his own people, and that some people admire him more than any of our own public figures, but I think he is a complex man who may or may not have friendly intentions towards us as a people or “our” government. Perhaps he is a real nationalist leader, or it may be that he too is ultimately on board with the globalist plan as he has repeatedly said that Russia has always been multicultural and that it will continue to be.

However it is in his favor that this land offer was apparently meant only for Russian people or at least citizens (of whatever ethnicity, not just Russians). For him to open up Russian territory to outsiders would be a dead giveaway that he was not a real ethnonationalist leader after all.

Meanwhile all over the West our ”leaders” have a standing invitation to anyone, anywhere in the Third World, regardless of their suitability, to come and claim their piece of our hard-won countries. If Putin refrains from offering his country up to whomever from wherever, then in that sense he is head and shoulders above Western leaders.

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