Leftist ‘tolerance’

This is the result of 50 or so years of ‘skin color privilege’, of exempting people from scrutiny because of race (and supposed ‘racial guilt’ on our part). When you don’t hold certain groups of people to any sort of standard, when they are protected from any criticism, however valid, when they are allowed to name-call, accuse, threaten, while we are browbeaten into silence by means of political correctness, this is the end result.

Add to this the numbers of deluded White ‘progressives’ who somehow side with these examples of ‘black privilege’ and you have these emboldened mobs who shut down any speech with which they disagree.

By the way, the young female in the video wearing the ball cap is apparently the daughter of someone in the Chicago Department of Police.

We’ve seen this kind of thuggish behavior happen with increasing frequency in the last decade or so. The left, fronted by their immune-from-criticism minority mascots, are displaying the fact that they are not the champions of ”tolerance” at all; how they can utter the word with straight faces is beyond me. The ”tolerance” is all on the other side, but there can be such a thing as too much tolerance, and we’ve shown this crowd far more tolerance than is desirable. At this point, to tolerate this kind of thing is only to encourage more of it.

4 thoughts on “Leftist ‘tolerance’

  1. I find it hilarious that we have reached the point where a self-proclaimed “Conservative”, who is doing nothing more than riding on the coat-tails of the Alt-Right, who is also a sexual deviant (referring to himself as the “Dangerous Faggot”), is morally crude in much of his Twitter posts (really, visit his page on Twitter), and seems to enjoy offensive jargon and behavior for it’s own sake, is fast becoming one of the most popular “heroes” of the “new conservative” movement.

    I’ve thought a lot about this recently, and while I know the point you’re making is quite different than this, I think we true traditionalists must be real careful about trusting Milo Yiannapolous as a spokesperson for Conservativism (especially at colleges where impressionable young people happen to be).

    Firstly, if and when we reclaim substantial ground in these cultural and racial wars, Milo will certainly expect that we recognize and accept his homosexual behavior. What will we then say? No, faggotry is a perversion? There is no doubt in my mind the young, college kids that love and praise him now will ignore this “petty issue” in favor of other more pressing ones and continue following Milo. Let’s not forget: Milo himself was carried into a college for a speaking engagement by young boys. He called it a “Queens entrance”. Milo is masterfully making homosexuality chic, in vogue and acceptable within the ranks of college republican circles.

    Secondly, Milo is reinforcing the Liberal approach to dialectic: emotional, manipulative, and comedic appeals. Insults, caricatures of opponents, crude humor, novelty, etc. Apart from this, Milo offers these young Conservatives who are open to true, intellectual traditionalism nothing in the way of understanding. These young cons, guided by Milo, will never understand or care to understand the history of the South, the evils of the Reconstruction era; they’ll never care to understand the meaning of diversification, multiculturalism, or egalitarianism and how these effect society. Instead, they make “memes” online and banter back and forth on Facebook. And to this end, their goal is to seize power and that alone, just like Liberals.

    Anyways, I thought I would just share my thoughts with everyone. Thanks!

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    • Nick, further to my earlier reply, it looks as though your misgivings were justified. If you haven’t already, check out some of the blog discussions where alt-righters are engaged in heated exchanges over whether Milo is a good symbol for ‘our’ cause. The divisiveness is obvious; the few people who are ‘social conservatives’ (granted, most on the alt-right scorn the ”conservative” label anyway) are being shouted down by those who believe we should not ‘judge’ people’s sexual preferences, and should welcome and even lionize Milo because ‘he fights for us.’
      Even some of the self-identified Christians are saying that ‘we’re all sinners, and homosexuality is not a worse sin than yours or mine’, etc. etc. So it appears that we will accept it or be drummed out of the ‘alt-right’ just as we’ve been read out of the ‘true conservative’ camp for our “intolerance.”
      What next? Will some transgender person become an icon for the alt-right? Who are we to judge?
      Slippery slope.

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      • VA,

        I’m truly not surprised.

        Jack Donovan was a speaker at the American Renaissance conference back in 2014. You may or may not be familiar with who he is, but he advocates for androphilia, which according to him is love between masculine men. He is a major proponent in the ultra masculinity movement that has emerged in response to third-wave feminism. Ironically, they argue and organized along the same structure and character that feminism organizes and structures its movement. They are constantly feeling singled out and oppressed by women, and bemoan female power and in response to that go to the opposite extreme (seeing women as sexual conquests).

        At this site, we discuss race and much to do with that topic. Obviously other issues are touched upon, but race and equality seem to be the major or fundamental topics. However, Jack Donovan has amassed a following of young men who have bought into the idea masculinity that he writes about and that this movement is a part of is popularizing. Again, remember he advocates for romantic love between men, as long as the men are truly masculine men (very Platonic/Socratic of him). The gay movement he criticizes not because the depravity and unnatural way of it but because it’s effeminate (and so not manly), he says.

        I say all that because I have the utmost respect for Jared Taylor and the work he has done, but with that said I think it was a huge mistake inviting Jack Donovan to speak at that conference. Now, we have people like Milo, and I imagine others who will become more popular here in the next few months or so, perhaps as you even say transgenders, who will be leading figures in this new conservative movement.

        So long we have fought the left only to now fight the spirit-less right. I never refer to myself as right or left, republican or conservative, but rather just “traditionalist”.

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  2. Nick, I agree with you. I’m wary of Milo and I would feel the same about other openly homosexual ‘conservatives’ or alt-righters. It may be that he is fully on ‘our side’. But the fact is, just as you point out, it’s a foot in the door for ‘tolerance’ of homosexuality as such. People often point to the few open homosexuals who are on the alt-right, or who are ‘conservatives’ as examples of why we should be more tolerant of homosexuals and their practices. After all they can be ‘good people’ too (well,some can be nice people)
    or maybe they are champions of our cause, and maybe they can win over other such people who may feel excluded from the ‘right’ so we need to be more ”welcoming” to everybody, the old big tent idea the GOP is so fond of.
    I have my qualms about this, and I can’t say I am very familiar with Milo and his persona, though it sounds from what you say that he is flamboyant and a bit of a caricature of ‘gays.’
    Some will no doubt think this is being divisive and will say we need all the supporters and allies we can get, we need to be more inclusive, etc.
    But I can only say that just as gays were boasting 20 or so years ago (and they were; you are probably too young to know about that) that they already had moles and infiltrators in the GOP to ‘win’ that party over) I am sure they have a plan to work their way into the alt-right or ethnonationalist circles (there are a number of openly gay people there) to make sure they have a favored place there.
    If they are genuinely ethnopatriots they would not want to divide us to push their ‘gay’ agenda. The fact is it’s dysgenic and is not helpful to our survival as healthy families are.
    Thanks for your comment, Nick.


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