Facts in black and White

Those who are interested in HBD issues should take a look at this information on black Americans’ genetics, in a study on The Great Migration and African-American Genomic Diversity.

It’s summed up here.

It’s interesting in that it supports what I have said about the percentage of White ancestry among American blacks. According to this study the average amount of European ancestry among them is relatively small.

“An estimated 82.1% of ancestors to African-Americans lived in Africa prior to the advent of transatlantic travel, 16.7% in Europe, and 1.2% in the Americas, with increased African ancestry in the southern United States compared to the North and West.”

I also note that contrary to what some say, the blacks in the South actually have less White ancestry on average than those in the Northern and Western states. Oftentimes people with an anti-Southern axe to grind (and this unfortunately includes some people who consider themselves pro-White) assert, without any backup of course, that Southern blacks are noticeably ‘whiter’ or lighter skinned than Northern ones. Or someone just makes a bald statement that ”there was more mixing in the South”, and they make insinuations about ‘slave-owners raping their slaves’, an unproven assertion if ever there was one.

Quite a few online commenters say that black Americans must have lots of White blood because ‘they’re much lighter-skinned than blacks in Africa‘ so there must be lots of White blood in American blacks. Actually, no. You need only look at lots of pictures of Africans of various regions and see the variations of skin tone. Not all Africans are of the darkest hues. It depends on their region or tribe. Lighter skin is relative, and lighter skin in Africa need not denote ‘European blood’, just as it means no such thing here.

But the maddening thing is this continued insistence from some Whites (including those who should know better) that rape had to be involved in all past cases of mixing between the two races.

Unfortunately this scientific study makes similar insinuations about the White ancestral traces found in some blacks, as in this passage:

…the historical record of early admixture occurring predominantly through coerced sexual interaction between European-American males and African-American females…

Please. These scientists should surely know that this is supposition. Presence of European DNA in blacks does not testify to ”rape” or  excuse me, ”coerced sexual interaction“; it only says that there was sexual congress. There is no way ”coercion” can be established by any scientific means. That’s why rape accusations today can’t be proven simply by the presence of some male’s DNA in a female, or even by the fact that a child might be born carrying DNA from that male. It is somehow assumed that any White DNA proves rape by a White male of a black female. Why is this automatically assumed by ”scientists” who supposedly deal only in known facts, provable evidence? I can only think it’s assumed because our mass-delusional, PC society says that minorities can do no wrong; that they can’t lie or deceive, and that if any wrong is done, they are always victims and never the guilty parties, never even complicit in any wrong.

These scientists lose respect in my eyes because they are dealing in popular urban legends which cannot be proven when they assert that ‘sexual coercion’ was involved in centuries-past acts, by unknown people.

Did rapes happen? Given fallen human nature, it’s possible. But keep in mind that the act of miscegeny, even on a casual or occasional basis was highly stigmatized by most White people in the South, and to a lesser degree, even in the North. Was it similarly taboo on the part of blacks? I suppose if you believe, like many of today’s generation, that all White men, especially slave-owners were diabolically evil, wantonly cruel, brutal, and depraved, then you will assume that rape was the only way in which sexual contact would occur between Whites and blacks. In fact most slave-owners did not beat and brutalize their slaves; it would have made little sense, and beyond that, most were Christians, and the Bible teaches slaveowners to treat their slaves humanely. And yes, the Bible did not and does not condemn slavery nor recommend that it be abolished and condemned universally. Anyone who says otherwise is ‘adding to’ the words of the Bible, which is condemned as a serious offense to God.

Just as with ‘sexual harassment’ charges today, there are, truth be told, cases of women who barter sex for a good grade in college, or for a promotion or better treatment at work.  I know that feminists angrily deny that such things could possibly happen — but happen they do. Many, many young women develop crushes on their professors in college, and many have had affairs, willingly, with them, not always with the aim of passing a course or getting an A or a recommendation for grad school. For many it’s simply a rite of passage. Nowadays with most young women being fairly lacking in inhibitions, there are no doubt many who proposition their profs or bosses, though there are true cases of harassment, of course. It happens. But there are plenty of women who are consenting to sex as a quid-pro-quo with men in authority, or women who just enjoy casual intimacy with whoever. Is it impossible that slave women consented to overtures from the White overseer (a much more likely partner than the plantation owner)? Or with anyone who might offer something they wanted? With Yankee soldiers, in fact, since oftentimes the slaves tagged along with the retreating Yankees, wanting to go to the Northern land of milk-and-honey?

It’s also a fact that even today many blacks look down on darker skin amongst their own. There’s even a name for it: “colorism.” I had a female black co-worker who was unsure about marrying her very dark-skinned boyfriend — she said it was because of his color. She had fairly dark skin herself but wanted lighter children. Many women of other races openly pursue White men for this reason, though my co-worker did marry her ‘too dark’ boyfriend.

Rape or not (and I doubt it was always the case) there were more likely White partners for the female slave than slave-owners. As I’ve said I’m particularly galled that the Jefferson family name is forever tarnished by the repeated urban legends about Thomas Jefferson ”raping” his slaves. Since the 1990s, when that loathsome Bill Clinton and his sleazy sycophants re-started 19th century rumors about the Sally Hemings, the story was that ‘Jefferson fathered a child by Hemings’, and it got worse: he fathered ‘all her children’ and then it went on to ‘Jefferson slept with his slaves [plural]’ and worse yet, ‘Jefferson raped his slaves.’ I suppose few people care; hardly anyone respects the Founding Fathers these days. They are now seen as culpable for the disaster America has become, rightly or wrongly.  However I care because it’s my family heritage and my blood kin who are being slandered, and they are not alive to defend themselves.

More than that, I care about the ‘good name’ or what is left of it of my larger group of blood kin, and that is old-stock Americans, generational Americans. More of us should care about it and try to counter all the lies and slanders, and to correct the falsehoods, urban legends, and falsehoods regarding race, HBD and the reputation of our own people.

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