EU war on free speech

The headline here says ‘Death of Free Speech.’ Exaggeration? Maybe, slightly — but this is not a good sign. It is probably a portent of even harsher measures, in my opinion.

The EU has signed a deal with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft designed to curb the use of hate speech online that has been blasted as “ill considered” by the very people who helped draw it up.

Democracy campaigners have warned that the definition of ‘hate speech’ is so vague the EU could end up with the power to get postings critical of the Brussels project removed from the Internet forever in what constitutes a “frightening path to totalitarianism”.

It seems that opposition to the mass relocation of millions of ”refugees” to Europe is the target of this attempt to stop certain kinds of free speech, or as the EU apparatchiks term it, ”hate speech.” And the paragraph excerpted above is correct in noting that the definition of ”hate” speech is vague. It has always been so; that’s nothing new. The people who invented the concept of ”hate” speech as a form of speech that is not to be given protection under the definition of free speech were careful to keep the definition hazy and fluid. So-called “hate” speech may simply be speech which shines a light on the blatant lies told by the EU oligarchy, or speech which is unflattering or insufficiently deferential to any of the designated ‘victim’ groups, who are given special protection under skewed ‘progressive’ policies.

In Europe, at the moment, it appears that criticizing immigration or ‘refugees’ is one of the most taboo forms of free speech. But if this flood of Third Worlders is the great boon that the powers-that-be pretend it is, why do they have to stifle any criticism of it? Would not its benefits be self-evident? Just as with ”diversity” in general, the powers-that-be have to force us to praise it and coerce us into accepting it.  Doesn’t that fact say it all?

This European blogger provides a lot of detailed information on these new edicts, including a link to a PDF file of the new ‘Code of Conduct.’ His commentary is very helpful.

And how long before similar measures are introduced in our country, with the complicity of our ‘friends’ at FB, YouTube, Twitter, and Microsoft?

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