Police chief connected to La Raza

Gateway Pundit reports that the San Jose police chief appears to have some kind of ties to the ethnoracial advocacy group, La Raza. Hardly surprising, given that his name is Garcia. The hard reality is that only hapless, gullible Whites play the ‘colorblind’ game. Only Whites are required to.

I admit, however, to being somewhat surprised to read that the San Jose mayor, Sam Liccardo, is not just Italian by ancestry, as his name and appearance might imply, but he too is of ‘la raza’, of Hispanic origins as well as Sicilian and Irish. Except for his Spanish (not Mexican) ancestor who was in California in its colonial days, he is of fairly recent immigrant stock, and that goes a long way towards explaining his siding with the rioting Latinos rather than with his White constituents.

Like his rival for mayor, Dave Cortese, Liccardo is often assumed to be all-Italian: The paternal ancestors of both men came from the same area on Sicily’s north coast (In Liccardo’s case, one line can be traced to the island of Salina, where the movie “Il Postino” was filmed.)

Melting pot

But Liccardo is only half-Italian, and the rest is an American melting pot: His mother’s mother was Irish, which partly accounts for Liccardo’s stints as master of ceremonies at various San Jose-Dublin Sister City events.”

I’ve long said that recent immigrant origins, especially when the countr(ies) of origin are ‘ethnic’ (non-Anglo Saxon) stock, there is a much greater likelihood of identifying with immigrants more than with the old-stock Western/Northern European Americans. Exceptions may exist, but as a rule, this seems to be a pattern.

Liccardo’s wife has a double-barreled surname (Garcia-Kohl) so her origins appear to be ‘ethnic’ as well, further reason that he seems to feel little allegiance to the old America.

This is the face of Changeling America: Whites becoming increasingly marginalized and power passing to (or being conferred on) not just minorities, but also ethnic Whites who ally with nonwhites and especially with non-American born ‘people of color.’

The mainstream conservatives will insist that this is all just about the Democrat Party and not about tribalism, ethnocentrism, anti-White policies, or anything controversial. According to mainstream Republicans, though, Detroit is in ruins because it was inhabited by a Democrat majority,  and for no other reason. That’s what political correctness does to people’s brains: it blinds people to the obvious.


6 thoughts on “Police chief connected to La Raza

  1. Thanks for tracking this down VA. I believe you are correct on the White ethnics particularly White Catholics siding against Whites on immigration and diversity. It is suicidal, since they are losing their neighborhoods and cities.

    Their reaction is to move South and West and try to repeat the same thing where White Protestants went to flee them. They always have the mentality they will have the government jobs and tax the White Protestants. Virginia has them in Dem and GOP.

    Barbara Comstock is an Irish Catholic from Mass who is a GOP congressman from Norhern Virginia. She has a D from NumbersUSA. The libertarian wing of the GOP which is strong in NoVa sides with the White ethnics against White Protestants and in effect, against all Whites. Libertarian policies produce Dem majorities, leading to the welfare state leading to tax ruin. Supposedly the libertarians are against that, but they make it happen seemingly on purpose.

    The stupidity of White ethnics to not see through their own hate against Wasps as self-destructive is amazing at this point. it shows how powerful the mind control is. The White Protestant states with little Diversity are just as mind warped it seems, so the control mechanisms are widely applied and successful.

    Perhaps Donald Trump will garner more of both White Catholics and White Protestants who are primed to awaken and this will ignite a real pro-White movement. Or he is just someone to mark time and make us hope while the chance for Whites is pushed ever lower by legal immigration. I believe the latter is what is intended. Making the former be what happens is what we need to do.

    You pointed out in a prior article that the powers that be under-estimate the impact of Whites with their back to the wall facing extinction. This is a new situation to our rulers who I believe will miscalculate. White life will find a way to survive and defeat them.

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  2. A great piece.

    White America sees this happening in 10,000 ways each year. The local Wal Mart vestibule has large photos of smiling people of which three out of 11 are whites. Commercials on TV are awash with smiling non-whites who are physicians (female, natch) and would-be gold coin purchasers. Ads for the military feature bold, proud female blacks and photos of the graduating classes of West Point and Annapolis are bursting with blacks (with shades or raised fists), Hispanics, and females. Film of border crossers is available 24/7.

    But . . . for decades whites have reached for popcorn, beer, and the remote as their country has been given away, as the inevitable consequences of not having the courage to face the realities of race and culture. To this day the public discussion is about “bigotry” or “racism” or “radical Islam” or “Islamism” while every manner of race or ethnic scams are perpetrated and greasy swine speak publicly about the aim of Muslims is to take over.

    A Cuban woman of post-Castro vintage remarked to her son that she never saw a people more eager to give away their country. Whites are remarkably phlegmatic and it’s gratifying to see the Trump phenomenon as an indicator of a long-overdue Thermidor. However, even the talking heads say that the number one issue for voters is “the economy” IKYN.

    Given the decades of supine acceptance of betrayal it’s hard to be sanguine about any kind of a Great Awakening, especially as it’s true that economic stress appears to be what’s driving many into the ranks of the Trumpeteers.

    The great engine of American capitalism has been wounded and hamstrung and, as Ron Paul just said, the Keynesians have blown it. Along with the cultural Marxists it appears that a collapse is indeed baked in the cake just now and away we’ll go into politics that whites cannot imagine. My prediction is that a hard core of white fury will appear from which a very violent reaction will issue. Core competencies will determine outcomes and millions of people on EBT rations and who wear they pant ‘roun’ they knee will of be no importance whatsoever.

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    • Thanks for the kind words.
      You are right about the advertising images we see everywhere and it’s getting more blatant. I get advertising stuff sent to me by J.C. Penney, and they seem to have a ”nonwhites only” policy now; every model is dark-haired and dark-complexioned, some obviously bi-racial, some ambiguous, but no White/European people need apply apparently. And I don’t live in a ‘diverse’ area so they are not targeting me by zip code.
      I am less sanguine about the possibility of turning this disaster around than I was when I first began blogging but then I was never one to deny the possibility of a dire outcome. However I believe that we have to hold fast, or we are just contributing to the tendency toward resignation and despair if we fail to maintain hope. So I try.

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  3. Your last paragraph is right on the money.

    I swear every time I think some line of racial awareness and our dispossession has been reached I observe that which leads me to believe we are not there yet and may never be ( at least not in significant numbers). This whole Trump/LaRaza thing is a case in point. Way too many running around in circles about Curiel being called a Mexican(Oh the horrors!), Also this almost exclusive focus on ‘radical LaRaza’ as if LaRaza is the only ‘racist’ organization. His association with the Latino Judges Association or the Hispanic Bar Association or anything else about him is irrelevant. There are literally thousands of Hispanic/Latino groups and those are largely irrelevant and just peachy according to many on the right (that blindness you refer to). Just what the hell do brain dead whites and/or Republicans think the Hispanic Caucus does for example? It makes me want to vomit and say screw it all.

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    • Ernest – thanks for commenting.
      It is hard not to get discouraged with the sheer stubborn blindness of a lot of our folk. But you may remember that I used to say that it’s never a majority that brings about significant change; the majority (“mainstream” follower types) will go whichever way the wind seems to be blowing. They are usually ‘dead weight’, an inert mass who have to be carried along. Undemocratic? Yes, but the majority may never ‘get it.’ Ultimately though if America does get righted and put back on a sane course they will follow along as the non-thinkers that many of them are. It’s sad to look at many of our folk that way, but there it is.
      As far as what’s democratic, our situation now is not ‘democratic’; the majority of us have virtually no say politically. But fortunately it’s not just about politics.
      So don’t lose heart.


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