Cultural Marxists triumphant

Reading many ‘rightist’ blogs, it’s sometimes easy to forget where we are and think we’re reading a leftist blog. Especially when it comes to the treatment given to American history, and the Founding Fathers.

Has the right become just as cynical/nihilist as the left? I’d almost say so. Example:

Thomas Jefferson was the one who opened our borders wide open in 1801 to begin with and he himself said all religions should be welcome here. John Adams had under the Alien and Sedition Act made mandatory a 14 year waiting period for immigrants to become citizens and all of those found guilty of printing or advocating salacious or revolutionary ideas were to be deported. Jefferson and Madison called this unconstitutional preferring instead to give the scum of the earth shelter in the USA.

Jefferson sided with the Priest murdering nun raping French Revolutionaries which caused George Washington to dismiss him. Martha Washington called Jeffersons visit at Mount Vernon in 1801 on the way to his inaguration [sic] the second worst day of her entire life.

Thanks to Thomas Jefferson and his Open Immigration Policies, the USA got hit with a swarm of Jews after 1815 and after 1848 and after 1870 with absolutely no way to deport them nor turn them away as our deportation laws were before 1924 impossible to enforce. Even Emma Goldman who was an anarchist was never deported until after the Red Scare when finally the US Government decided to enforce the Anarchist Exclusion Law of 1903. She was allowed to preach her evil doctrine for years. All Thanks to Thomas Jefferson and the Filthy Democrats for opening our borders in 1801.”

All this venom directed at Jefferson and his so-called ”Open Immigration Policies”, and the commenter manages to even bring Emma Goldman into the screed. Quite a long stretch there.

By the way: the author of the comment appears to have gotten his ‘information’ on immigration from this liberal Catholic site. Please compare the passage about immigration policies. Is the commenter a liberal Catholic? If not, why rely on such a source?

I don’t hold with this tendency to cast the blame backward, holding past generations responsible for consequences far into the future which the people of that era could not have foreseen, or even imagined.

When I read comments of the kind I quoted, I wonder if they are not the work of ‘progressives’ who are admittedly scattered around rightist blogs sowing division, demoralization, cynicism about traditional America, and general disinformation.If they are not the work of ‘progressives’ they are at least influenced by left-wing ‘culture of critique’ slurs.

Granted, the Founding Fathers were not saints. They were not perfect. But to act as though any mistakes they made, however honest, or any character flaws they may (or may not) have had, make them evil, worthless miscreants is to do us all a disservice.

What good does it do to tear down the great men of the past, those of our own folk? I ask rhetorically, of course, but I’ll answer my own question. The answer is: none. It does no good. It serves no useful purpose. It is not edifying (that is, building us up) but destructive. It destroys our confidence in both our past and our present and it taints our future. The consensus among the alt-right now seems to be that there is nothing much of any worth in our past; trash it all, and rebuild from the ground up. P.S.: that’s the idea which animates the left. That’s why, in part, they are busily trashing our heritage, our history, our heroes. Leave nothing standing, just rubble amid scorched earth, and build the ‘new utopia’ (multiracial, of course) on the smoking ruins.

Order from chaos, say the agents of destruction.

Is there really nothing left worth preserving or restoring? Are we sure we need to re-invent the wheel, or re-invent ourselves in the process? If our past was one big disgrace or failure, if our revered leaders were scoundrels and lowlifes who betrayed their progeny (as much of the alt-right says) or ”racists” who deserve to be made non-persons and expunged from history books and removed from public monuments, what will we have left? Will there be anything left to preserve continuity with our past and our forefathers? Or are we so wise and so superior that we have no need of a past, no need for exemplars, or men to admire and to inspire us?

The comment I quote above makes sweeping allegations and claims, offering no sources to back them up. A comment following slams Thomas Jefferson for being a ‘slaveowner.’ Is this what Southron nationalism or ethnonationalism has come to, condemning our forefathers for the very same thing for which the left condemns them? I call that betraying our forefathers and kinsmen. Not a ‘nationalist’ position of any sort. Now, if these were isolated comments I would not feel so incensed, but they are far from isolated. They are becoming all too common, and fewer people will offer any defense or counter-statements against them. Thus lies, exaggerations, half-truths, and plain old ‘allegations’/rumors win the day.

And our side loses by that kind of divisive and destructive commentary, the kind which the leftists have perfected.

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