‘Suspects’ arrested in San Jose

Police in San Jose, California got around to doing their job of arresting some of the attackers who assaulted attendees at a Donald Trump rally. Better late than never, but better still if they had done their job as the attacks were in progress, rather than standing by as people were being brutalized by the riff-raff. Had they done so, then maybe there would not have been any crimes committed against innocent people.

Speaking of riff-raff, was there any doubt about the demographics of the ‘anti’s?

The suspects have been identified as Ahmed Abdirahman, 19 of Santa Clara; Robert Trillo, 18 of San Jose; Antonio Fernandez, 19 of San Jose; and Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19 of San Jose.[…]Abdirahman, Trillo, and Fernandez were arrested on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Kitaigorodsky was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of failure to disperse.”

So, two of the attackers were Hispanic, probably Mexican, one a Somali (refugee? likely) and the last, Kitaigorodsky, (presumably the grinning idiot with blue-green hair) could be Russian? Ukrainian? Jewish? Another likely immigrant or son of immigrants. Emma Lazarus’s kind of people.

Really, this makes Trump’s point about immigration for him.



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