The real Ali

Jim Goad at TakiMag writes about The Greatest Anti-White Boxer of All Time, namely Muhammad Ali, of course. He notes the (ahem) whitewashing of Ali now that he is dead, and the fawning eulogies. Even on the ‘realist right’, people seemed to focus solely on Ali’s famous (or infamous) interview in which he spoke out bluntly against interracial mating/marrying. In the 1970s no doubt that statement made a lot of liberal Whites uncomfortable but it did not carry the incendiary potential that it does in 2016.

The ‘colorblind’ portion of the White population seemed to regard Ali as a sainted hero,  in the tradition of most black celebrities, not quite as exalted as Nelson Mandela (terrorist, ex-convict) and not nearly as revered as MLK, but still a hero. I wonder how the sensitive teens at Tumblr would react to the quotes Joad offers at TakiMag?

“Integration is wrong. The white people don’t want integration. I don’t believe in forcing it….”
1964 interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal

“The white man want me hugging on a white women, or endorsing some whiskey, or some skin bleach, lightening the skin when I’m promoting black as best.”
1966 interview with Sports Illustrated

“My enemies are white people, not Viet Congs or Chinese or Japanese.”
1967 interview regarding the draft

“All Jews and gentiles are devils….Blacks are no devils….Everything black people doing wrong comes from (the white people—drinking, smoking, prostitution, homosexuality, stealing, gambling—it all comes from (the white people).”
1969 interview with David Frost”

On that last quote, shades of Thomas Sowell who resorted to blaming ‘Southern redneck culture’ for ”everything black people doing wrong” as Ali bluntly put it.

Meanwhile it seems that Ali will become another black ‘icon’ revered by the likes of the Tumblr teens, along with Nelson Mandela, MLK, Rosa Parks and the rest of the pantheon. And it seems that ‘race realist’ Whites will remember Ali solely by his statements against interracial marriage. The trouble is, it’s likely nobody but White people will ever see or hear of his remarks, as the controlled media will never publicize anything that deviates from their agenda. Illusion wins over reality again, at least for now.

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