Generational attitudes

I came across this at Morgoth’s Review, on a discussion thread. I have excerpted the relevant part of the comment:

“…one study has shown that half of Trump’s supporters are aged between forty five and sixty four, with another thirty four percent over sixty five and less than two percent aged younger than thirty. Interestingly, slightly over half are women. That older people should remember a ‘golden age’ when America was great , in the 1950’s perhaps, and be somewhat preoccupied with their own mortality, should be no surprise to anyone. Regarding race survival going forward it’s younger people who need to be awakened , the problem being overcoming the boundless optimism of youth and their having known nothing better than die-versity.”

All emphasis above is mine.

There is apparently not a link to the study mentioned, but the study’s findings comport with what I’ve cited here in the past. Meanwhile, I await any facts or data that refute what’s been stated here. Those who want to fix all blame on baby boomers (who apparently make up over half of Trump’s supporters) will continue to do so, in the tradition of leftists who ignore reality and keep repeating the same unsubstantiated claims.

The truth is at stake here; it’s not just a matter of intergenerational squabbling — which we can’t afford to have.

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