Orlando nightclub shootings

One would think that last night’s massacre at an Orlando nightclub, with gay (mostly Hispanic) victims and a Moslem immigrant shooter would pose serious conflicts for the leftist multicultists and their media arm. You would think that they would have to choose between sympathy for their gay heroes and their Moslem mascots, but no, like all good leftists, they have no problem with holding two contradictory positions at the same time. Gays are the victims and Moslems are victims. Both are victims of Whites, especially White Christian males, according to the alternate-reality delusions of the left. So somehow the leftists are championing both the murdered nightclub customers AND the fiend who killed them.

What else could we expect of ‘psychotic’ leftists?

Somehow the media are spinning this to make it the fault of Whites, especially White Christians, and of course guns are likewise culprits.

Who benefits from this kind of thing? The left. Their narrative manages to get reinforced because they control the media and through it, most gullible people’s minds. Both gays and Moslems will gain more sympathy, at least from the unthinking portion of the masses. The Moslems will be loudly defended by their media friends and their ‘advocacy’ (read: propaganda) groups like CAIR; they will be painted as just good people who are unfortunately being profiled and persecuted for no good reason, and gays will gain more outpourings of sympathy from the media and the kinds of people who eat up all the media swill. Expect a massive outpouring of defenses of both Moslems and gays, and expect to hear the terms ‘homophobia/transphobia’ and ‘Xenophobia/Islamophobia’ slung around like never before.

Donald Trump, needless to say, will somehow be blamed by the usual propagandists.

One last thing to note: the shooter was an immigrant. A LEGAL immigrant. A naturalized citizen, in fact, just as American as you or me in this proposition nation.

And his parents were ‘refugees’. Imagine.

4 thoughts on “Orlando nightclub shootings

  1. I checked to see what Milo had to say…

    While some of his remarks are true, I can’t help but think he is also defending the gay community at the same time (subtle though it may be).

    He posted a picture of himself armed with an assault rifle in one hand and in the other a designer purse. Basically, he’s saying to Islam “bring it”. Of course, “Conservatives” are applauding him.

    Another sentiment popular after this attack is the overwhelming sympathy for the gay community coming from supposed Conservatives. As Milo mentioned, and others for that matter, you cannot defend the liberties of people (read: LBGT people) and Islam. That’s true. But embedded here is the hidden support for homosexuals and their lifestyle. Everyone’s praying for the gays – and they’re also demanding more Muslims. It doesn’t work. It’s silly. I agree with Milo on this; however, it’s as if we’re now saying “Perhaps Islam is a problem in the West” if only because there was an attack on gay people. Is the Right so hollow now and devoid of conviction that they’re willing to now support homosexuals, if it means stopping terrorism? Aye yi yi.

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  2. No, its not gonna work this time. Obama wouldn’t say Muslim again, and it turns out this particular ISIS soldier just happens to be an employee of DHS. Obama hired this guy and gave him a badge. Let them get past that…

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