Falling into a trap

I’ve continued to ponder over this sudden ‘epiphany’ some on the right, especially the alt-right, are having, regarding homosexuality. I wondered if in fact there was not a plan to subvert or even emasculate the alt-right by leading them toward ‘gay acceptance.’ Along comes Milo, and suddenly many who earlier were not so favorably disposed towards homosexuality are defending Milo and his sexual predilection against their fellow rightists who are now holding the cause back by their ‘homophobic’ feelings. Live and let live; if they are on our side, we should welcome them.

In this post at Bloody Shovel the blogger touches on a similar thought: Islam and its attacks on White men seem to encourage White men, (even on the ‘far right’, in my opinion) to defend “progressive culture”:

And the more hostile Muslims are to white men, the more white men fall into the trap of considering modern progressive culture as their turf. See how White nativists are using slogans about Islam being bad for women and gays. Or Gavin McInnes making out with Milo Yiannopoulos. I don’t know if it’s NSFW but it’s frankly revolting.

The more hostile Muslims are against Europeans, the more progressive can get away with, the farther left the leftist singularity can advance, as White men close ranks around the only thing they’re allowed to close ranks around: progressive denigration of men.”

I would elaborate on that by saying that this kind of thing, with Moslems attacking homosexuals, seems to cause Whites in general to (misguidedly) want to defend not just homosexuality and all this gender madness, but all ‘progressive’ corruption of Western society.

In the past I blogged about how the old Soviet Union was, unlike our present day leftists, socially conservative, banning pornography or anything sexually explicit, calling it ‘Western decadence.’ One of the most common criticisms of the Western ”free world” was that it was a corrupt and decadent place, where people were shameless and promiscuous. The Eastern bloc countries were ‘puritanical’ by contrast. And how did our country, especially Hollywood, respond? By stepping up their effort to remove all restraints on sexual behavior. By flaunting our ‘Western decadence’ and calling it ‘freedom’. The idea was that our ‘freedom’ should be celebrated unconditionally, even when it led to obvious social problems, like widespread prostitution, illegitimacy, unstable families, drug addiction, and sexual deviancy. Our society, even our ”leadership”, conflated freedom with license, and our leaders seemed hell-bent on accelerating the ‘permissive society’, as if to say ‘‘that’ll show those prudish Soviets! They think we’re decadent and degenerate? They ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” And in truth, we hadn’t, because most of us couldn’t have dreamed how permissive and yes, decadent the West would become.

Ironically, though, it seems the old Soviet Union, now likewise ‘free’, has become plagued with promiscuity, widespread abortion, illegitimacy, and sex-trafficking/prostitution.

This is probably all part of the globalist plan to undermine White cultures and weaken our peoples. It’s just a fact that most decadent societies, that is, societies which encourage sexual license and lack of restraint, become weak and effete, and lack the will or power to defend themselves.

It seems as if TPTB want Islam to be the dominant religion/social system in the world, though why this is so is open to question.

But thanks to Islam and its contempt for our hedonistic, decadent ways, some people think that we have to defend that decadence and corruption, simply as a knee-jerk response to Islam. Just as they did in the days of the old, once-puritanical U.S.S.R.

It’s just sad that now it is the ”right” which is falling for this deliberate ploy, and making moves to ally with, and eventually welcome in, ”gay” activists.

3 thoughts on “Falling into a trap

  1. Great post. This is an issue that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. It seems to me that the alt-right is going to make exactly the same mistake that the mainstream conservatives (whom they affect to despise) have always made – they’re preparing to jettison their principles in exchange for what they think will be a political advantage.

    It’s really no different from the Republican establishment saying that the Republican Party should reach out to minorities because minorities are natural Republicans. Or the party should reach out to women because women are natural Republicans. Such tactics have failed every single time.

    And now we have people on the alt-right telling us the alt-right should reach out to homosexuals because homosexuals are natural alt-rightists. And they can’t see the tragic irony of it all.

    There are certain enemies who can never ever under any circumstances be allies. For anyone who cares about western civilisation that means that homosexuals ands feminists in particular can never ever under any circumstances be allies. These people are absolutely determined to destroy our civilisation and they would be delighted to ship us off to the GULAGS. To pander to our most dangerous enemies is pathetic, cowardly and futile.

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  2. Its simple really. The Donald has given the Alt-Right the false hope they can get what they want by playing by the rules, so they’re doing outreach to left wing voters to win elections. This system is rigged, and playing by the rules ensures you lose all the time. In truth, they are no rules. The oligarchs and their whores always win. It doesn’t matter what you do, the game is rigged against you.
    When the Stupid Party of Lincoln blocks Trump and squeezes him out, we can put an end to this foolishness and get back to eliminating our parasites.


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