On ‘Brexit’

From a British blogger, regarding the issues at stake in the Brexit referendum:

“No, the issues at stake in this debate are about sovereignty and love for one’s country. Love for one’s country is not racism (fear of foreigners), or xenophobia (fear of the wider world). It’s also not about hatred. It’s quite the opposite – it’s about love. It’s about a swelling in the heart that we sometimes feel when we walk in a bluebell wood in the Spring. Or when we come over a high ridge and we gasp with joy as we survey the rich, green valley spread out before us like a velvet carpet. There are thousands of such examples …

We love our land because our ancestors, going back 10,000 years at least, are buried in it, and our food is grown in the soil which their decomposing bodies have fed with nutrients, over all that time. The waters that we drink flow underground around their burial places and becomes informed with their energetic DNA. We all have feet of clay – and so this is what we mean when we say this is our land, because we are rooted in it, and it is what empowers us as human beings.

It is the land of our forefathers. Many of them fought to defend this land and some lay buried where they fell, in those battles.  They have passed this land on to us – we are its custodians, we don’t own it – which is why although it is our land for now, it is not our land to give away … to Brussels, or to anyone else.”


The sentiments expressed above are very much in line with the running theme of my old blog; when I began blogging, I hoped to stir some kind of memory of what this country once was, of what I called ‘the old America’, and to connect us to our forefathers and the land which they won for us at such a great cost in toil and in blood. The ‘land where my fathers died.’ It troubles me very much to think that our family cemetery where five generations of my kin lie buried may one day soon be Mexican territory, or part of some unholy ‘North American Union’.

And I can empathize with the blogger who wrote the quote above, about the soil of Britain being the burial place of many generations of ancestors. In fact the great majority of my ancestors lie buried in England, many generations of them. So the fate of Britain has personal import for me, and it should be so for any of us who have
Anglo-Saxon roots.

If Britain does succeed in escaping the EU, I hope that event will be an inspiration to others, and that ‘Texit’ will follow one day.


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