3 thoughts on ““They” lose!

  1. Merely an opening salvo in what is to be a bitter war, but Praise God! And God bless England and its wonderful people, without whom there would be no Western civilization.


  2. It’s not over yet. They can spin this out with multiple referenda until the electorate gets the right answer, as they did in Ireland; or put it to a vote of the people’s representatives in Parliament; or just ignore it. I’m afraid that this won’t be settled without bloodshed. Or at the very least, economic warfare, as is already happening.

    It’s a very encouraging straw in the wind, nevertheless. With the rise of nationalism in Europe, plus Trump in America, just maybe the leaks in the dyke will get out of control.


  3. VA,

    I’m sorry to do this here but i’m hoping for a response. I was in a discussion about Brexit and the topic of immigration followed of course. My critic found a lot of what I said interesting but ultimately blinded sided me with “Americans frowned on other European immigrants coming, like the Irish and Italians. So, how can you say we’re a united people, an ethnocentric people? Americans were wrong about other European immigration and theyre wrong about these. ”

    I’m sure you’ve heard something similar. How do you deal with this?


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