Brexit fallout: ‘Ban’ the old people

From a Breitbart UK article:

“On Twitter, too, the line between hate and mockery was thin.

According to a YouGov exit poll, 75 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds backed Remain, compared to 39 per cent of over 65s. Sixty-one per cent of over 65s supported leaving the EU, whilst just 25 per cent of those under 24 agreed with them.”

It sounds as though the loathing for the older generations is a trans-Atlantic phenomenon, and it crosses political lines. The empty-headed adolescents (of any age from teens to 30s, these days) quoted above sound very much like the voices on a lot of alt-right blogs where Boomers are the target of considerable loathing. It goes so far that on one blog where a news story of elders being abused, molested, even killed in nursing homes was cheered by some commenters, the idea being that ”they deserve it because they are the cause of all our trouble.”

However the Breitbart story brings out the fact that, even in the UK, Boomers and the few ‘Silent Generation’ members who are left, are the most conservative generations politically, and they are usually vilified by the media and the young for being “racist”.. which these days merely means they have healthy ethnocentric impulses. And they are the only connection, the only living connection, with our vanishing past. Books, films, museum artifacts, these alone can’t preserve the world that was stolen from us. Without a connection to the past, to the days of a once-sane and healthy society, there is not much chance of ever reviving what was good and valuable. Anybody from Gen-X on down has memories only of an already-compromised and moribund society, a society that was already being mind-conditioned and politically corrected. The only living link to the pre-multicult world are the last remaining elders, comprising the Boomers and the few remaining Silent-Generation and ‘Greatest Generation’ members. But it seems that the younger people would happily see these people euthanized before their appointed time to go. And sadly this attitude pervades the ‘right’, wherein many young(er) people on the right share this loathing with their multicult leftist counterparts.

In some European countries, notably the Netherlands, euthanasia is accepted by most people, and I expect the same thing to happen here; surprisingly few younger Americans seem troubled by the prospect of it.

If our society survives the ethnic cleansing/race replacement agenda, will we become like a “Logan’s Run” society, wherein people are eliminated at age 30 or so, or like that bad 1960s movie, ”Wild in the Streets”, wherein the oldsters (anyone past youth) are stripped of any rights and put in camps?

If it were up to the tantrum-throwing young in the UK or here in the States, I can see it happening. If thoughts could kill.

But to make the old non-persons, to try to abrogate their right to participate in political life, to deny their worth to society, is to damage the future. Older people are our living history books; they are a vital part of this unbroken chain that connects us with our ancestors and the past, the real past, and they represent, to the powers-that-be, a threat, because the older generations can attest to the fact that the past was not as it is depicted by the propaganda-meisters who dominate the media and academia. Maybe it is they, the overlords, who are helping to foment this animus towards the older generations — though the young seem to require little goading to hate their elders.

We seem to have nurtured a generation that are, in their hearts at least, parricides.

And that should be a chilling realization. After all, even you who are young will soon  enough be middle-aged, then old, and will in your turn be considered obsolete and in the way.

One thought on “Brexit fallout: ‘Ban’ the old people

  1. My main issue with the old is the fratricidal wars that wiped out entire European populations.

    Was it worth it to go to war and end the lives of other Whites?

    Would never condone euthanasia.


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