The Secret Forces?

The ‘Secret Forces’, as Catholic writer Atila Sinke Guimarães describes them, are those that I referred to in recent posts as ‘They’, the shadowy ‘elites’ who are supposedly pulling all the strings behind the scenes, making everything happen.

In this essay, (H/T Thinking Housewife) he discusses the Brexit vote, and describes how he thinks it fits into the context of ‘Their’ plans for Europe and the world.

I believe that England’s exit from the European Union may lead to the World War III. Let me elaborate. Anyone who follows international politics knows that the Secret Forces want to establish the One World Order, the Universal Republic. The UN agenda is the prototype of this ideal: a socialist government ruling over all the peoples on earth who will be transformed into a single type of brown man, the result of the mixing of all the races.”

This much is common belief among many on the Alt-Right or the ethnonationalist spectrum. Many people in the West would, despite mounting evidence in favor of these beliefs, scoff at what they call ‘conspiracy theories’ or paranoia.

In the past I have defended the idea that there are in fact conspiracies, and that conspiracies are known to have happened throughout history. So I still can’t understand why people who pride themselves on their intelligence and education sneer at any mention of a conspiracy. Are they really prepared to defend the idea that conspiracies are a myth altogether, that they never happen? That people can never get together and collude in some kind of plan or goal? Really?

It should not even be necessary to argue the fact that people have conspired, do conspire, and will conspire.

Having said that, though, it’s possible to become too suspicious of everything, and to see hidden hands and sinister plans behind everything that happens. For instance, many people on the right have now come to be quasi-pacifists because they believe that all wars,  I mean all wars are the result of ‘hidden forces’ duping everyone into fighting because of money or power. This presupposes that there is not innate aggression in many if not most human beings. Obviously people on an individual basis often come into conflict with neighbors over the most trivial matters, and violence occasionally ensues. History tells us of family feuds, clan feuds, tribal warfare, many conflicts on a small-scale basis. Sometimes these things escalate into something bigger. This is just fallen human nature. It isn’t necessary to believe that evil arms manufacturers,  or greedy banksters, or power-hungry dictators are behind the scenes pulling the strings in every human conflict. No doubt it has happened, but some human conflicts happen without sinister puppetmasters controlling the combatants.

To believe that every human ill is caused by conspiracies or shadowy elites is to attribute almost superhuman power to such people and groups. And to suppose that they have such a phenomenal success rate in shaping events, so that they are behind every major event or disaster, is to make them seem omnipotent.

As with this Brexit vote, I’ve been reading many comments from British folk online, and amongst those who have nationalistic leanings, there is a lot of second-guessing, a lot of doubts about whether or not the vote will extricate Britain from the clutches of the EU. There are many comments from people who wonder if the ‘leave’ vote is in fact what the powers-that-be wanted, that it was somehow some kind of reverse psychology move, some kind of psyops thing, and that voting ‘leave’ simply played into Their hands. “Now they have us just where they wanted us,” so  some comments said.

This kind of doubt, confusion, and suspicion actually works in favor of the ‘powers-that-be’; in fact, that’s the purpose of much disinformation put out by the governments and their media arm. The goal is to confuse, confound, and muddle people’s thinking, to make them so suspicious and cynical that they don’t know what to believe. And the upshot of this is that people often become more passive, more defeatist, and more resigned, thinking that ‘it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do; ‘They’ are one or two steps ahead of us, controlling the outcome.’

Again, that attributes more power and knowledge to these shadowy ‘elites’ than they may possess. Unless ‘They’ have some kind of supernatural ability to see into the future they cannot predict with 100 percent accuracy what the outcome will be; there are to many variables, too many possible unintended consequences of their ‘best-laid plans’, too many random chance occurrences with surprise outcomes.

That being said, I don’t disagree with a lot of what the author of the article states. There are obviously powerful, wealthy, influential and secretive groups manipulating our societies. It does seem as if they have a monolithic regime which is working to the same plan all over the world, most especially in the West, in Christendom, and in White countries.  There are times when my spirits fall when I contemplate what a complete stranglehold they have on the media, on our educational system, and of course in government in all Western countries.

So will the Brexit vote lead into a World War? Nobody can know that. And to believe that it would likely do so would cause many Europeans to hesitate to work towards a similar EU exit plan for their countries. The EU and whoever controls them want people to hesitate, and become paralyzed with doubt, so that they accept the status quo.

But I refuse to believe that our enemies (they have declared themselves our enemies) are as powerful as many are making them out to believe. Little is certain in this world except change, and things cannot continue along their present course indefinitely.

Above all, to become fatalistic is tantamount to surrendering, admitting defeat. Carried to an extreme, pessimism and fatalism amount to cowardice.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Forces?

  1. Very insightful essay VA. You pull together many issues that people are trying to sort out now and give us a good road map to think about them. Let me try to give a name to it, The Cathedral of Control. Just as cathedrals and the pyramids were built as monuments to the powerful to subdue the population from even thinking of revolting, the powers that be today build an illusion that they control everything. The intent is the same and the motives the same.

    It is an illusion that they control everything. As you point out, it is mathematically impossible for them to control everything because it is mathematically impossible for them to be able to predict everything. Without perfect prediction there can’t be perfect control. As you pointed here and before, as soon as a path of events started that they did not perfectly predict their plans go awry and their perfect control goes awry.

    As you point out, the controlled media is critical to their illusion of controlling everything. After Brexit, the Istanbul airport bombing happened. Then they tell us ISIS did it. For those who see the conspiracy angle as true, Istanbul airport was a hoax or false flag. So they are led to think Brexit was also controlled and planned. It isn’t logical but the mind is tricked that way.

    Their whole system is built on these tricks. They are masters at this type of illusion. They are busy manipulating Wikipedia and who knows what else to make all of history look like it was controlled and planned. This of course is absurd as you in effect point out.

    Seeing through their illusion is not easy. You once pointed out that getting your mind out of liberalism is no small achievement. The same applies to their theatre of control. It will take a long time to break it.

    The ones they most want to convince are the insiders themselves. They have to convince the elites that they really are in control, because if the elites start privately reneging on deals hard to observe then their system collapses. This likely has happened anytime they have gotten it going in the past. So they need daily terrorism drills to convince the insiders they control the media. Most insiders believe they are false flags or hoaxes whether they are or not.

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  2. Actually they have no real power at all. Its their control of the fiat currency that allows them to bribe the politicians to get their way. Populism scares them. Hitler was a populist and all their money was useless when he had the people and the Army behind him. It will happen again. None of the real Europeans besides a small lunatic fringe actually supports the invaders. The invaders hate the governments and oligarchs and they will not fight for or cooperate with them. These idiot globalists have signed their own death warrants. On one side they will have hostile nationalists and in the other corner, hostile invaders.

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  3. I think there are vast conspiracies but the people behind them are a lot less clever than they think. They are too arrogant and too detached from the worldviews of ordinary people and therefore their plans are quite capable of blowing up in their faces.

    As happened with Brexit. That was a real conspiracy. The intention was to call a referendum, have Remain win and thereby achieve two objectives – putting Brexit off the political agenda for a generation and destroying UKIP. It failed because it never occurred to people like David Cameron that the voters might actually decide to think for themselves.

    So there are conspiracies but they can be defeated.


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