Not just no, but…

It’s disappointing, to put it mildly, to read that Trump is considering Indiana Governor Mike Pence as a running mate.

One of Trump’s former top aides is weighing in on a possible Pence selection, as is a fellow Midwestern governor.

Pence only has ten days to make the decision to continue in the race for governor, or join Donald Trump as the vice presidential candidate.

[…]“I do think, when you look at Governor Pence, he’s the type of person who can help unite the party,” said Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager. “He) has a number of years of Washington, D.C. experience. He was part of the leadership there. He’s gone back now and served as the chief executive of a very important state, a state that Donald Trump is going to need to win in order to be successful in this election.”

The name Mike Pence is familiar to me from my early blogging days when I was most focused on defeating amnesty, or as the politicians were calling  it, ”immigration reform.” Pence had come up with his ‘own’ immigration plan, insisting that it wasn’t amnesty (as all pols were saying back then).

Marcus Henry at VDare on Pence and his plan, back in those days, (2006):

“Pence is not the first ambitious politician in Washington, DC to be seduced by the siren song of cheap labor, but his proposal is especially noxious because of its deceptive packaging.

Pence has now joined open borders advocates like Senators Larry Craig and John McCain. But because Pence wants to keep his conservative credentials he must label his plan a “no amnesty” immigration reform despite its stealth amnesty provisions.

The gambit is about as ingenious as McCain and Kennedy insisting their plan is not amnesty because the illegal aliens must pay a fine before getting their work permits and their path to citizenship.”

If this is the kind of direction Trump plans on going in a Trump administration, then he is close to discrediting himself in my eyes. Pence is just another establishment type, and to all appearances,  just another member of the ‘treason lobby.’

Even if he professes to have ‘seen the light’ in the last decade, I wouldn’t believe him. But then I don’t believe most professional politicians on anything; part of Trump’s appeal is that he is not a professional politician or an ‘insider’ but if he is prepared to compromise to this extent, he is also not what many of us hoped he would be. And mind you, I haven’t invested all my hopes in Trump.

And previous rumors of Trump’s considering Newt Gingrich, of all people, as a possible vice-presidential candidate really mortified me. Maybe the rumors of Gingrich being a possible running mate was calculated to make Pence seem less repugnant to voters. Please, anybody but Newt, who is the consummate beltway insider, as well as being a lightning-rod for criticism with his constant outrageous comments, faux pas, and sordid personal life.

However when I say ‘anybody but Newt’, I didn’t have the likes of Pence in mind.


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