Dallas shootings

By now everyone is aware of the situation in Dallas, Texas, with 11 police officers shot, 5 (as of now) killed.

Given that all the major media outlets are dishonest and fully compromised, there is no real reliable live source of news and commentary. This link is as good (or bad) as most.

I’ve been busy reading the reactions on many blogs and forums, including alt-right blogs as well as ‘mainstream’ conservative ones. There’s been a wide range of reactions. On the ‘conservative’ blogs, the usual colorblind faction is pleading for the rest not to make it a ‘racial thing’, after all, every group has some bad apples, and we mustn’t generalize or condemn the ‘good ones’ because a few are bad, and maybe it was White leftists doing the shooting, so we hope. The usual ‘virtue signaling’ cuck behavior. NABALT, as usual.

Then there are the hardened skeptics: “False flag. Crisis actors. Staged event.”

Some keep repeating that the protest at which the shootings happened, which was a protest by BLM, was a ‘peaceful, nonviolent protest‘, and that some kind of outside forces opportunistically happened along to start shooting law enforcement officers. I am not buying this. I think that whoever did the shooting (suspects in custody as of now,  a woman included, all unidentified) were part of the BLM contingent; maybe not everyone there was ‘in the know’ but the major actors knew. I think the protest was an occasion for gathering a lot of police officers in one place to pick them off.

Just my opinion, of course. Some say “it must have been carried out by White leftists because blacks aren’t organized enough.” Why assume that? There are always exceptions to every rule. Some claim blacks are generally not good sharpshooters and thus are unlikely to be snipers. Three words: John Allen Muhammad.

In any case we don’t know much about the whole picture as yet, but my point is that anything is possible, and sadly, a lot of White folk want to deny any racial aspect to this out of hand — because they fear the reality that there is a real racial conflict in this country that is escalating, fueled mostly by an anti-White power structure, aided by the compromised, inflammatory media. And they blame us, the law-abiding citizenry, for all of it, as they continue to act as provocateurs.

Prayers for the families of the murdered police officers, and for our folk, and for our broken country.


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