Are police to blame?

In the wake of the Dallas murders of policemen, there is a lot of discussion of whether police officers are ‘our enemy’. A significant number of people on alt-right or pro-White blogs declare that they are.

Have so many people had unpleasant encounters with police officers? Is it really that bad out there? I understand the feeling that the police are being made to conform to political correctness, to ‘stand down’ when the ‘protected groups’ are involved in some kind of disturbance — at the expense of innocent White people — Kris Kime comes to mind, as the late Sam Francis describes in a piece from some years ago.

Police departments all over the country have been actively seeking to add more nonwhites (alias ‘Diversity’) to their numbers, for some years now, ever since the Civil Rights uprisings of the late 60s. As is often noted by those with an ounce of awareness, “diversity” in effect means ”fewer Whites.” So most police forces in this country have fewer Whites, and they have also lowered standards for recruits in an effort to find ‘qualified’ nonwhites, because having the correct threshold levels of ”diversity” trumps standards.

So there are fewer White police officers, and yet complaints come in from nonwhites that there are too many Whites, not only in law enforcement but at higher levels.

I’ve personally noticed that there are more female police chiefs in big cities, and that they are usually, as the Canadians put it, ‘visible minorities’, like Heather Fong, the former police chief of San Francisco. A ‘twofer’. And if the female happens to be a lesbian, so much the better, though I don’t know Fong’s sexual orientation, in some cases women in similar positions appear to be lesbian, openly or not.

So political correctness is driving some of the changes in police departments. The idea is always that supposedly a ‘diverse’ police force reflects ‘the community’ and therefore can be appropriately ‘sensitive’ to the various ‘communities’ concerns and above all can win the trust of the people they supposedly protect. We might also say that minorities, in particular blacks, are suspicious of White police officers, believing that Whites are always out to get them, to keep them down, and to outright kill them in cold blood for absolutely no reason. This last is an article of faith for many black people.

Maybe in light of that exaggerated fear of Whites, blacks should in fact have only black police officers patrolling ‘their’ neighborhoods, but the boundary lines between neighborhoods is not always clear-cut, so how would that be accomplished?

The fact that many blacks have a fear and loathing for Whites would indicate that they would welcome separation — but that separation was what the ‘Freedom Riders’ and the orchestrated ‘sit-ins’ in the 60s were meant to abolish, at gunpoint. 

The protesters got what they wanted — and now they object to the result.

Liberia was created so that blacks could have self-rule in a country of their own.

They declined. They stayed, and yet they hate living amongst us. And it’s our fault.

Meanwhile, as policemen have had to become more militarized in response to heightened violence (amongst which segments of the population?) and as they have become more hardened and cynical as a result of our society becoming more corrupt, they are no longer the ‘Officer Friendly’ we were taught was our friend back in grade school. This should not surprise anyone; it is unavoidable in our current society.

We can’t blame police for that.

Personally I trust the police in my town, but then I am blessed to live in a town which is (for now, at least) homogeneous except for the increasing Latino presence. For now, my town has little violent crime. Until recently many people did not lock their doors. Truly. This town has a mostly Northern/Western European-stock population and the police force reflects the demographics. No ‘diversity’, and there is mutual respect between townsfolk and the police. I do sympathize with urban White folk because for years I lived in urban areas including the big, bad NYC area itself. I have not lived a sheltered life. I have seen both sides.  I’ve lived in the North and the South.

Personally? It seems to me that much of the cop-hating sentiment among Whites originates with libertarians or those who have been influenced by libertarian ideas — as have most young people and these days, most ‘conservatives’ who are more libertarian than conservative. Most such people I’ve known were recreational drug users who see ‘the Law’ as at least potential enemies because they know they might be arrested for their drug use or possession. And there is more of an anti-authority feeling on the ”right” than there used to be in the days of the old ‘law-and-order’ kind of right-winger.

A disclosure: I do have one person in my extended family, a second cousin, who is in law enforcement. So maybe I am not impartial here, but I notice that fewer people now are willing to give the police a fair shake. However, if things become more chaotic and out-of-control, some of us may find that that ‘thin blue line’ might be a necessary presence, and we might find that we have some like-minded allies, people who, like us, value our kinsmen and our families first and foremost. Treating them as our enemies won’t help us.

4 thoughts on “Are police to blame?

  1. I think you are onto a good point here, VA. If one thinks that these incidents are at best selected and amplified from real incidents and at worse invented completely as staged incidents, the intent is to create distrust of the police in the White population.

    As you perceptively point out, here as usual, libertarians are the useful idiots of the powers that be. Libertarians amplify the distrust message from the right creating the distrust of police in Whites that will make White suburban communities vulnerable to the forced diversity placed into them.

    Libertarians are also the first to say we can’t stop diversity coming into White communities because they need a cheap maid and that is work Whites don’t want to do. Is there any anti-White band wagon that libertarians have not joined in on?

    Of course, when things blow up, libertarians say we didn’t have to listen to them and we are once again to blame for having done so. Sort of like a stock broker on commission.

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