Not Newt

There are stories appearing which name Mike Pence, Indiana governor, as Donald Trump’s likely running mate.

As I blogged recently, I am blessed (or cursed) with a long memory and I do remember that Mike Pence was one of the amnesty-pushers ten or so years ago, when some of us were fighting against Bush’s “not-amnesty” bill. So I earnestly hope he will not be Trump’s choice.

On the other hand, though, one of the other choices is Newt Gingrich, who was the subject of another recent blog post of mine. I see now that I was far too easy on Newt; I am guilty of praising him with faint damns. He is an even worse choice than I indicated. Since that post was written, in the aftermath of the Dallas police slayings, Newt said the following:

“It took me a long time and a number of people talking to me over the years to begin to get a sense of this: If you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America and you instinctively underestimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk,” Gingrich said.

The former Speaker and potential Donald Trump vice presidential pick discussed race during a live Facebook video with liberal commentator Van Jones.

The discussion came after police killed black men in Baton Rouge, La., and suburban St. Paul, Minn., earlier this week, and a gunman killed five police officers in Dallas on Thursday night during a protest against the earlier killings.”

I have very low expectations of Gingrich, remembering as I do his many stupid and tone-deaf statements over the decades, but this one really rankles, coming as it did so soon after the murders of the Dallas police officers, not to mention the rioting in Baton Rouge and St. Paul.

Newt’s words were not that far from what Hillary herself said. ‘Uniparty’ is an accurate term that is being used these days for the GOPe and the Democrats.

Newt is the consummate cuckservative, as well as the insider par excellence. Politically correct to the core.

Judging by that quote above, Gingrich is one of those self-righteous ‘colorblind conservatives’, or what Carleton Putnam called ‘Castrated conservatives.’

Colorblind, castrated, cucked, and CFR.

And one more pejorative starting with the letter ‘c’, while I’m at it:


Somebody on a discussion said that Newt would be a bad choice because the ticket ”doesn’t need a Southerner.” Excuse me: Newt is Yankee-born, of Yankee ancestry, and moved (or was brought to the South) after his formative years. The fact that he lives or has lived in Georgia does not make him Southron. Even the South has no magic dirt.

Gingrich is a Carpetbagger, with a capital ‘c’, and as befits a carpetbagger, he is a cosmopolitan, a globalist, a one-worlder, and a New Ager. Does this last matter? Yes, it does. I say that being a New Age adherent (by whatever name one calls oneself) makes one necessarily a globalist. The idea of ‘One world’, or “one planet, one people”, “planetary consciousness” and all that twaddle, comes out of the New Age. It is not of Christianity, Rick Warren notwithstanding.

New Age is the religious arm of the globalist project, and Newt is fully committed to that.

It is surprising how many mainstream conservatives think Newt would be a great vice-presidential choice — are they so uninformed, or are their memories of him that hazy? He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or maybe a wolf in wolf’s clothing, not even hiding his real identity.

8 thoughts on “Not Newt

  1. I agree Gingrich would be a terrible choice. He would be a demoralizing selection for Trump supporters in the election and a malign influence if they did win the White House.

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    • Well, it would certainly demoralize me. I would hate to sit out the election, though some say elections are a farce anyway, but picking Gingrich or Pence would definitely cancel out Trump’s promises of limiting immigration, building walls, etc. I can’t imagine Global Gingrich being willing to be a party to any of that, but then he may be more duplicitious than I give him credit for.


  2. Thus far, almost all the names I’ve seen bandied about as potential VP picks are open borders cucks and other weasels. There’s really no point in voting if Trump’s trying to pull a bait and switch. I’m holding off on deciding (and on donating) until he names his pick – it will say a lot. No way I’m holding my nose for Newt or Pence or any other GOP normie.

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  3. That’s rich. Jesse Byrnes’s article on The Hill refers to Van Jones as “a liberal commentator.” That would be Van Jones the communist. If some patriot had a Nazi war souvenir brought back from the war by his father, you can be sure he’d be reviled by the left as a “Nazi” before you could say “demagoguery” five times. But it someone’s an admitted communist, for Heaven’s sake, he’s just a “liberal.” Somebody just shoot me.

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    • The Hill is a rather middle-of-the-road publication from what I remember of reading it about 15 years ago. Not surprising that they don’t call a communist a communist. (I was going to say ‘call a spade a spade’. Oops.)


  4. I hope against hope that Trump will surprise us in a good way, and pick ”none of the above.” If he proves to be just another politician by his choice then it will be a big letdown for a lot of people.


    • Sen. Sessions is said to be an influential adviser to Trump. If any cuck is chosen by Trump I am sure it will be over his strenuous objections. All the more reason to be very alarmed if Trump ignores that advice.

      I’m all in for Trump at this point. He’s right on some important issues and is clearly a visceral patriot. Newt has more insight into the philosophical and legal issues I suspect, but is just terrible on horrid white racists and open borders. Who can forget is sitdown with Pelosi on the beach?

      Ergo, who gives a darn about deep intellectual understanding and agility? A ton of common sense and patriotism suit me just fine at this point. The disaster of a Hillary “presidency” ought to make all our hair stand on end.


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