Color is the criterion?

Yes, I know my point of view on this subject is a minority opinion, but I’m long since used to being outside the ‘consensus.’

This murdered young lady in the UK argued for the ‘right’ of immigrant criminals to stay in Britain.

“Alice Gross, the 14-year-old whose sexual assault and killing in August 2014 at the hands of a Latvian man was used by pro-Brexit campaigners to argue against free movement, wrote a thoughtful essay in defence of the EU just months before her death, her parents have revealed.

Gross wrote compassionately about the cultural benefits of European migration and, with an unsettling prescience, the flaws of blocking foreign criminals from entering the country.”

Alice wrote that she thought Britain should remain in the failed European Union because being part of that body showed Britain to be a ‘communal and friendly’ country. Alice was only 14 years old, so she may be forgiven for her naivete. The same can’t be said of mature adults who express the same opinion.

“In an interview with the Guardian, Alice’s mother Rosalind Hodgkiss said the essay was “horribly ironic”. Her daughter’s killer, Arnis Zalkalns, had served eight years in jail in Latvia for the brutal murder of his wife. Zalkalns entered the UK in 2007 and had even been arrested by the Metropolitan police on suspicion of sexual assault in 2009 before he attacked Alice in August 2014. But it was not until after he was reported missing that the builder’s criminal record came to light.”

I feel compelled to point out that some ‘White nationalists’ who defend free movement throughout the EU for White immigrants say that ‘criticizing Eastern European immigrants is safe and politically correct; the people who object to Eastern European immigration are too cowardly and PC to speak against non-white immigration.’ But note this:

‘Hodgkiss and Alice’s father, Jose Gross, say the essay underlines Alice’s compassion towards others. They have decided to release it because anti-immigration groups, Brexiters including the official Vote Leave campaign, and individuals with a “racist agenda” have seized on Alice’s death in an attempt to further their arguments.”

So yes, in fact it is being called ”racist” to object to Eastern European or other problematic White immigration.

Those who are saying that it is ‘politically acceptable’ or ‘safe’ or ‘politically correct’ to criticize White immigration are either not in the know, or are being dishonest in their statements.

And if nothing else, many ‘WNs’ or ‘race-realist’ commenters pounce all over commenters who criticize or complain of Eastern European immigration. They,  too, can be as intolerant and as prone to name-call as the Left, and of course the multicultists see any kind of immigration skepticism as evil and racist. So the alt-right, or segments of it at least, agree with leftists that nationalists are bigoted when they criticize mass immigration of Whites, as well as nonwhites.

I’ve also called attention before to the crime problems amongst Eastern European immigrants in both Ireland and the UK.

‘More than 54,000 European Union citizens have been convicted of crimes — including murder — in the past two years The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Poles and Romanians are the worst offenders according to the figures, adding to concerns over the impact of the two most recent EU expansions.

And because of EU rules on freedom of movement, only those sentenced to at least two years in prison face deportation after they complete their punishment.”

I watch UK news sources (biased though they are, just as our own media) and there have been numbers of ugly crimes involving Eastern European immigrants. Maybe these problem immigrants are not typical of the population back home, but just as with nonwhite immigrants, they are migrating to where the pickings are good, where there is more prosperity and more opportunities for criminals as well as for the vaunted ‘hard-working immigrants.’ Maybe the ‘hard-working’ immigrants provide convenient cover for the criminals, just as here. We can’t always know which is which until the damage is done.

We in America welcomed in many criminals in the waves of Ellis Island immigrants. I can back up that statement with statistics from that era if need be. So today’s immigrants are likely to be a mix of both ‘honest’ (though opportunistic) and dishonest, violent types like poor Alice’s killer.

Ethnonationalist beliefs do not call for welcoming a wide range of ethnicities and cultures just because of a similar complexion or pigmentation. Western/Northern Europeans are of a different strain than Eastern Europeans, and anyone who has met and known enough of a variety of European peoples would not argue for the idea that ‘we are all brothers and sisters as Europeans.’ Cousins? Yes, but not kissing cousins. Good fences, etc.

In the words of Kipling:

This was my father’s belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf —
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

2 thoughts on “Color is the criterion?

  1. VA I think you are doing an excellent job of focusing in on these differences of views within the alt right and libertarians. It seems likely that many libertarians are also Ellis Islanders.

    Some of them may be particularly concerned about limits on those from Eastern Europe, both then and now. It seems people of British ancestry are always being preyed upon by these groups who always have a reason why we can’t stop them from preying on us.

    I sometimes get calls from stock brokers on Long Island with hot tips. Some company distributes lists garnered in various ways and they call who is on their list.

    I ask them if they give different tips to different people. This often leads to a rougher period of the phone call. Their game is to give different people a different stock tip and follow up with the ones where it went up after a few months.

    My mental vision of these callers, libertarians and Ellis islanders is converging. From my experience, we are still experiencing crime from Ellis Islanders and libertarians are still telling us we can’t stop it. In the libertarians mind, if you are a victim of (their) crime, it is your fault. You didn’t have to listen to them seems to be their constant refrain when things go wrong. But we do have to listen when they vote for immigration in Congress and gain a majority. This brings more of their co-ethnics who prey upon us as if they were libertarians.


  2. I’m glad this came up, VA.

    My father’s side of the family is Sicilian. My mother’s is Irish and English (she has a problem she won’t relinquish about an “Indian Princess” some-where in our lineage lol). Now, my mother’s side of the family has been heredited from the beginning – or close to it. My grandmother on my Father’s side is German through and through.

    But Sicilians and Italians are often frowned upon by ethnoationalists, like yourself and OldAtlantic.
    Could you help me understand more thoroughly? Are you saying German, Dutch, French, even Italian immigrants aren’t really American because they’re not of that specific stock, i.e. English?

    And if so, what does that make me? Am I technically a mixed racial person? Am I even American? Am genuinely curious about this and have no I’ll sentiments about any of my thoughts. But I would like understanding. You’re not going to offend me.


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