Terror in France — again

It was only a matter of time.

All Western/formerly White countries are living with a ticking time-bomb as long as they allow lax (or no) border control, promiscuous immigration from Islamic countries (and the Third World in general).

The use of a car or other vehicle to mow down pedestrians is not really a new tactic by these jihadi maniacs; I seem to recall a few cases in this country a decade or so ago, though some commenters have said that this is a new method of killing for them. Here’s an article from a couple of years ago wherein Moslems were being exhorted to use such means, among others.

Nice - weeping bird

The above graphic, with the picture of a cute, weeping bird to symbolize grief and mourning, is possibly well-intentioned but it’s also symptomatic of the passive, weak response to the terror attacks. The liberal/multicult’s response to any attack like this is to hold maudlin ‘candlelight vigils’ where everyone holds hands, shares group hugs, and where signs denouncing ‘hate’ are usually featured, along with nondescript prayers to some vague deity or other.

This is a feeble and totally ineffectual reaction to preventable, deliberate mayhem and carnage. A civilized people would not react this way; too many White people have had all their spirit whipped out of them, making them childish and passive when it comes to recognizing naked evil, let alone opposing or combating it. As long as this flaccid response is all that we in the West can muster, we will continue to be run over in more ways than one.

Actually, I tell a lie about liberal whites lacking any spirit; they surely have ‘spirit’ when it comes to denouncing anyone who does show a backbone, and who dares to speak politically incorrect truths. The propaganda-meisters have channeled any aggression the Left feels into lashing out at their own kind. The liberal left have been turned into a kind of zombie army of ‘anti-racists’ who are more than happy to attack their own kinsmen in the name of some hostile ‘Other’ group whose blood kinship to them is all but nonexistent. This is perhaps one of the greatest crimes by the ‘powers-that-be’: that they’ve destroyed the minds of many White people, made them useless at best and dangerous at worst. They’ve weaponized many Whites against their own kind.

How long can the left continue with their criminal appeasement policy, their insane demands for ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’, even at the cost of innocent blood?


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