What did (or didn’t) happen

In Nice France: see the video at the link here.

I’ve seen several videos of the attack, in which Mohammed Bouhlel runs down dozens of people, and of those I’ve seen, this one seems as clear as any. However in all the discussions I’ve read on the Internet, there are a number of people who show extreme skepticism about the event, who are not satisfied with any of the videos, still photos, or any other evidence that is available. I have to say that, with all due respect to those who in good faith think this was another ‘false flag’ or even a staged event by actors, this level of skepticism and distrust of evidence is getting a little excessive.

It reminds me of the skepticism of those who deny, say, UFO sightings. The common expression was ‘why don’t they land on the White House Lawn? Why do they only appear to ignorant rednecks who live in trailer parks?’ I just know, and I would bet substantial sums of money, that these skeptics would deny the evidence of their own senses should a UFO land on their own lawn. Though that event is unlikely, the many videos and films and still photos of UFOs or other ‘paranormal’ anomalies are always dismissed out of hand by the arch-skeptics, the know-alls who ‘just know’ that there is no life on other planets, or that interplanetary or interstellar travel is impossible. No evidence on earth would ever be acceptable to them. None. For one thing, even if undeniable evidence, or even definitive proof, was presented, they would never own up to having been wrong. They would rather die that say they had been wrong or mistaken, because their self-image is that of people who know that certain things just can’t be. So they deny and close their eyes and ears to anything that challenges their smug certitude. That sort just dismisses anything that does not fit their closed-minded beliefs as ‘an obvious hoax’, ‘fakery’, ‘lies’, or the imaginings of the mentally ill, or as confabulations by attention-seekers. Or, in the case of the terror attacks, such events are peremptorily called ‘false flags’ or ‘staged events by actors’, even before all the evidence is in.

The events on the video do not look like play-acting to me. Some have scoffed that ‘people run over by a big truck would look like roadkill, just unrecognizable’. I would answer that not all of them need have been flattened by the truck; many could have just been struck and knocked into the air, as often happens when pedestrians are hit by a moving vehicle. Some of the people no doubt were on the edges of the roadway, trying to avoid being hit. Not everyone would have been mangled beyond recognition.

Skeptics say that ‘why could they not hear the truck coming and move away in time?’ Well, the videos show that loud rock music was being blared by sound systems and what with other noise, including the noise of many people on the street, the sound of the approaching truck might have been masked to some extent — until it was too late. The truck was moving as fast as 70 mph at times and would have approached quickly, before people realized their immediate danger.

Those who, for whatever reason, choose or need to disbelieve that these things are just what they seem (Occam’s Razor, after all, usually applies) will not reconsider their conviction that it is all staged, unreal, meant to fool us — into what? Into distrusting Moslems more? While all the time our overlords are browbeating us into ‘tolerating’, or even ‘celebrating’ their presence in our countries — as part of our vaunted ‘diversity’? It wouldn’t make sense to stage events meant to make us think that Moslems are killing our folk — while telling us that Mohammedanism is a religion of  peace.

Looking back to 9/11, I know that there are people who say that no planes hit the WTC towers, or the Pentagon, or crashed in Pennsylvania. There was thus nobody killed in plane hijackings; the supposed dead were paid off to go into hiding under new identities and let the world think they had died. This is some fancy conspiracy-theorizing. There might be a few, a very few, money-hungry people who would agree to participate in this kind of colossal trickery but hundreds?

There are people who would have us disbelieve our very eyes. And they believe that people who give eyewitness testimony are ‘reading a script’; they in fact witnessed nothing because there was nothing to see. The event was faked.

Now, don’t misunderstand; I’ve argued against those who disbelieve in conspiracies generally, the types who deride anyone who believes any conspiracies exist. Clearly people do conspire. Clearly “our” government and all Western governments have been caught in lies and deceptions time and again. Examples are numerous and thus unnecessary. But is everything a big deception?

It’s more than obvious that the media, also, are complicit in the lies, large and small, that the powers-that-be perpetrate. It’s evident that we should not trust a great deal of what the media tell us, or even show us. As Christians we are to be as ‘wise as serpents’, and to take much of what we are told with a large quantity of salt.

On the other hand, why would it be necessary for the powers-that-be to create false Moslem terror acts, to ‘stage’ them? Who honestly believes that Moslems are not fully capable and willing to carry out these murders in reality? Are there really no real-life terrorists? Actually there is a Christian webmaster who writes almost exclusively about conspiracies who says that Moslems are ‘scapegoats’, just as he says blacks are. So there are some that don’t or can’t or won’t believe these events to be real. I can’t pretend to understand why they believe this way.

Now, it may well be that the powers-that-be know these attacks are planned and simply let them happen: the Fort Hood shootings, for example, or the San Bernardino killings, or the Boston Marathon bombings. That, I could believe. It does seem as if 9/11, for example, served political purposes; it served as a pretext for curtailing citizens’ freedoms in the name of ‘security and safety’ and it was also the launching point for the campaign to stifle any opposition to Moslem immigration: we got lectures about not discriminating against the Religion Of Peace and its exemplary followers. More Moslem immigration, lots more, ensued. Yes, it served a purpose, that event. It should have led to tightening of our borders and less promiscuous ‘openness’, but it did just the opposite.

In a way it is understandable that some people have become skeptical and distrustful to the extreme — but if we continue along that path, we will eventually become agnostics about everything. Life requires that we trust and put faith in something and someone; we can’t become so suspicious that we doubt absolutely everything.

We have, no doubt, been subjected to massive amounts of disinformation by the media and their government puppetmasters. Some of it is pure falsehood, some half-truths. We can’t always be sure what is true, and this is part of the purpose of disinformation. We are being ‘gaslighted,’ as I’ve said, so that we begin to doubt even our own senses and our own minds. Suspicion and doubt cloud our ability to recognize truth when it does come along.

7 thoughts on “What did (or didn’t) happen

  1. I’m a bit tired of the excessive skepticism myself. It makes me cringe and I distance myself from certain bloggers I’ve often enjoyed. Further, most of their evidence for conspiracy is weak at very best.

    With that said, one thing these events definitely have in common is the desensitizing of the general population. When Nice occured, it was immigration patriots, ethnonationalists, and paleocons saying “See! It keeps happening”.

    But one thing that I’ve noticed is people have a real knack for ignoring us and kind of just shrugging their shoulders at terror attacks now. I mean, at least last year people would chang their Facebook profile pictures to these silly flag filters. You don’t even see that anymore. The French prime minister even said that the French people are just going to learn how to live with terrorism.

    That’s what these recurring attacks have brought the general population, almost an unconscious acceptance of terror and violence from Arabs in the western world as something common.

    Are they “false flags”? I don’t know about that. But letting some of these events happen might certainly be a way to consistently desensitize people to terror and Muslim behavior. This certainly makes it easier to move forward with the “Westernization” of countries and people.


    • On one thread I was reading on some blog today, there was a link to a video of some Moslem in Europe who claims he is the real Mohamed Bouhlel, very much alive. Which seems to be accepted as proof by the doubters, the false-flag believers.
      As far as I can see, the main beneficiaries of this kind of thing are the Moslems who might then be seen as ‘scapegoats’ or innocent victims of the false-flag masterminds.
      I think much of this might be disinformation meant to keep us confused and to sow disagreement amongst us as we quibble about what really happened and who’s to blame.


  2. There’s no evidence of alien visitation. None. “Unexplained” doesn’t mean “extra terrestrial.” The “u” in UFO means “unidentified” nothing more. Occam’s Razor is a useful analytical tool here and with 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the like.

    Human credulity and sloppy thinking account for a lot. It’s so bad that the silliest, most inane, most asinine ideas can be floated by the low life who pass for our elite are readily accepted by millions. I have no doubt that there are millions in Cuba and Venezuela who still think socialism works. Jesse Waters shows every time what morons many in the general public are. Just bundles of wants, needs, and desires dragged here and there by their appetites.

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    • Col. Bunny – I don’t disagree about the UFO thing; obviously there is no real evidence of alien visitation (Giorgio Tsoukalos or whatever his name is notwithstanding) but it was by way of an illustration, maybe a bad example for me to choose.
      It’s worthwhile to point out, as you do, that the ‘U’ in UFO just means unidentified, not extraterrestrial or alien or whatever.
      The point there was only that people like, say, Carl Sagan were extreme skeptics who stated (with no proof to support their assertion) that interstellar travel was impossible, or that there was no intelligent life on other planets. I just say there is much that we don’t know and that the skeptics are far too quick to say ”it can’t be” or “impossible”, having their minds already made up. Skeptics are too doubtful while some are too much the opposite, too credulous. There’s a happy medium. IMO.


  3. I’m as mistrustful of the narrative and the authorities as anyone. I’ve revisited everything I was taught and am willing to consider any evidence to the contrary of opinions I hold. However, as you note, certain individuals appear to have gone off the deep end. There’s malice, and there’s stupidity, and there’s a combination of both behind the globalists’ actions, but a refusal to recognize reality does not count as healthy skepticism in my book.

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  4. But letting some of these events happen might certainly be a way to consistently desensitize people to terror

    Good point.

    I even think some people rather enjoy it – the whole candlelight vigil thing, it’s a great excuse for wallowing in emotion and for moral preening. There were people for whom the Second World War was a nightmare but there were others for whom those were the best years of their lives. People are strange.

    Constant terror is also incredibly useful for justifying the continued growth of the surveillance state, the militarisation of the police and the choking off of freedoms that were once taken for granted. It’s also a wonderful way of distracting the population’s attention from the greed of the bankers.

    As far as The Powers That Be are concerned it’s all good news.

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  5. VA, interesting and valuable comments as usual and a caution. We have to pursue the dialectic the best we can at the time.

    To switch topics from Nice France, is Donald Trump a UFO? Or more clearly, a Trojan Horse for the establishment? Many Trump supporters now find it unthinkable, but there is more evidence Trump is fake than there is that Nice France is something different than it seems.

    We are being gaslighted as you say, and why not on Trump, our supposed savior? Most speakers at the Trump convention would fit in at the Romney convention or Bush. They are now speaking in Spanish. I don’t think he was telling Mexico to pay for the wall.


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