An acquaintance of mine, bless her heart, was irate when hearing the BLM slogan repeated for the millionth time — that is, ‘black lives matter.’ Now, she is not an ‘extremist’ except perhaps in the minds of the far-left extremists, who think that milk-and-water Republicans are ‘Nazis and fascists’, but she was just expressing exasperation over the fact that all other peoples’ lives appear to be devalued by this phrase, as if only black lives matter. This lady then blurted out the now-often heard (in private, at least) phrase: ‘All lives matter!’

Now I read that Shepherd Smith, the effeminate liberal Fox News “personality” took Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal to task for saying the same colorblind phrase that this nice Christian lady uttered to me. Apparently it’s controversial to suggest that in fact, all lives, that is, not just black lives, matter. I would have thought that was a given, that no civilized person would say that only certain lives matter.

“Smith cuts in to attack Jindal:

“Governor, you know, you know that that phrase you just used is is one that’s seen by many as, as derogatory, right? I, I just wonder why it is that you use that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes it’s a real dig on ’em.”

I know the ‘reasoning’, if such can be said to exist, behind the BLM mantra; they have talked themselves, or been talked, into believing that in the past black lives were treated as nothing; that blacks are and have always been killed ‘just for the color of their skin’, and then there’s “400 years of slavery”, Jim Crow, the back of the bus, profiling, driving while black and all the other outrages and atrocities.

Still, for some years now our society has had a kind of compulsory colorblind philosophy which has taught us all that we must not see color, and that all human beings are our brothers and sisters, children of God, etc. Most White people have for years at least outwardly conformed to this orthodoxy, even when other races have not reciprocated.

And now it’s being called an affront to suggest that all human lives should matter as much as black lives? Since when? I would guess since the likes of Shep Smith and all the rest of his lockstep politically correct kind have had control of public discourse. They, that is, the PC establishment, make the rules as to what is allowable discourse — and not just discourse, but thought — and they enforce it relentlessly via government and the government media extension.

The acquaintance of mine who also used the controversial ‘all-lives-matter‘ phrase is, from my viewpoint, still bound by political correctness. In the article linked above, Jindal was expressing the standard ‘colorblind’ formula, saying that we need to ‘look beyond race’. Though Jindal is a Republican it’s clear he is in agreement with one of the basic presuppositions of left-liberalism: race is a social construct, something we can ‘look beyond’ or ignore, or discount, while in the real world race is something that we are not allowed to ignore or deny away — if we try, we do so at our own peril.

My acquaintance, being a nice Republican churchgoing lady, is in agreement with Jindal. And there are many more like her. This is why as a people we are so slow in responding to the existential threat that faces us; we can’t be colorblind in a hyperracialized world in which race is a greater force than ever for pitting us against each other. Being colorblind in the world today is being a disarmed pacifist in a bad neighborhood full of armed hostiles.

One thought on “Controversial?

  1. A beautiful redheaded white girl that I attended school with expressed outrage on Facebook at other whites for ignoring the plight of blacks during these perilous times.

    Her boyfriend is a black guy. She wanted all of us to know – and I think it’s important to understand their perspective – “When black lives matter, all lives will matter.” And that’s really the source of their disdain when hearing do-gooder whites say “all lives matter”.

    I tried explaining the stupidity to others about the whole “all lives matter” thing, saying this doesn’t make you post-racial and it doesn’t make you anymore humane to non whites for saying it. You’re still white, which means you’re still part of the problem. Until you finally say “I hate myself. I wish I was black. My life certainly doesn’t matter as much as these people.”, you’ll be seen as an enemy.

    I was called a liberal for saying that. Lol.


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