A conservative says this?

A poster on a ‘conservative’ forum shared an e-mail which he got from the Ted Cruz campaign, apparently one of those mass e-mailings that solicit support and money.

From the text of that e-mail, ostensibly written by Cruz himself:

“If we choose freedom, our future will be brighter.
Freedom will bring back jobs and raise wages. Freedom will lift people out of dependency and to the dignity of work.

47 years ago today, America put a man on the moon. That’s the power of freedom.
Our party was founded to defeat slavery.
Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, signed the Emancipation Proclamation.
We passed the Civil Rights Act, and fought to eliminate Jim Crow laws.
Those were fights for freedom, and so is this.”

Then the request for money followed. Cruz is (I hope!) delusional if he expects people to send him money for his failed campaign now, especially after his reneging on his promise to endorse Donald Trump. But does anybody see the obvious contradictions in the above quoted text? Couldn’t anybody with conservative instincts (and I mean that in the classic sense, not in the political sense, as in today’s Republican party) see the glaring, blinding contradictions in Cruz’s invoking ”freedom” while expressing support for liberal, egalitarian principles?

There is a well-known quote attributed to both John Taylor of Caroline and John Randolph of Roanoke, two great Virginian statesmen, who said “I love liberty; I hate equality.” Today’s conservatives (or cuckservatives?) would probably object strongly to those words. But there is sense in those words, and truth, though that truth is  mostly rejected today, especially by the likes of politicians like Cruz and unfortunately many self-described ‘conservatives.’ These people apparently fail to see, or refuse to see, that the Civil Rights Act and the elimination of Jim Crow laws (which Cruz boasts of) were anti-freedom, at least for the majority in this country. It was the beginning of the end of traditional America, in which we still had freedom of association, and in which we could still speak relatively freely, uninhibited by what we now call political correctness. We could still unabashedly care about our folk, and act in our own interests. Was that ‘unfair’ to the others in our society? Possibly, but is the current situation fair to us?

Under our system, the will of the majority was to be honored. After all, even in the best of situations not everyone can get what he wants, so is it not preferable that the majority, the greatest number, has its needs addressed? Now, minorities’ wills prevail over the majority, and that is a greater injustice. Many Americans rail against aristocracies and nobility because they feel that rule by a small group is a terrible injustice against the majority. And yet this is exactly what we have now. Yes, I know the real rulers are not blacks, sexual deviants, Hispanics, and Moslems, but the elites rule using them, and for political reasons choose to grant more freedoms and more concessions to those minority groups. Either way, it’s an injustice to the majority population.

Any ‘conservative’ should see that liberal policies such as those Cruz and his ilk boast of are detrimental to the freedoms of the people as a whole. Even if we are talking about ‘freedom’ in the abstract as libertarians are wont to do, egalitarianism comes at the cost of freedom. It is not possible to create ‘equality’ or equal treatment by fiat, or to force association with others at gunpoint, which is what Cruz and the average Republican pride themselves on.

‘Ending Jim Crow laws’ may sound like a great coup for ‘freedom’ because the term ‘Jim Crow’ has been loaded with bad connotations — but let’s admit that ending Jim Crow amounted to forcible ‘integration’ at gunpoint, and it is still going on now, as for example Section 8 tenants are placed into neighborhoods that are ”too White”. People must not be allowed to sort themselves according to their own interests or choices.

‘Equality’, or some semblance of it, can only be brought about by coercion, achieved by an overbearing government. And since the perfect equilibrium of that state cannot be maintained except by outside pressure and threat of force, it requires ongoing coercion.

Ted Cruz is obviously clueless about ‘freedom’ and about the principles on which this country was founded, but then as a foreigner and an immigrant, we can’t expect him to understand. But there’s no excuse for any American with even a basic education not to understand these things.

3 thoughts on “A conservative says this?

  1. Let’s not forget his metaphysical assertion that America is just an idea, which means American identity is as well.

    Saying America or American identity is just an idea is the Republican way of saying something is a “social construct”. The proposition nation is the reduction of communal/national identity to pure concept and feeling. It therefore has no basis in reality. But I wonder if Ted can show us where his beloved founding fathers clung to such an idea? Can he?

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  2. Nick, good point. I suppose Cruz counts on many Americans not being familiar enough with the actual words of the Founding Fathers; they only know certain phrases and bits of ideas in many cases. Not to insult my fellow Americans but sad to say not enough people know their history and the Founders’ ideas thoroughly.
    The phrase below my blog header is a key one, and that’s why I put it there — ‘Ourselves and our posterity.’
    I don’t know if you read today’s posts at iSteve but some commenter mentions the proposition nation idea, saying something like ‘the immigrants get the nation, and we get the proposition.’

    I hope Texans have enough sense not to re-elect Cruz to anything.


  3. Freedom has become an entirely meaningless word. In fact the problem we have is that almost all the words we use for political concepts are now empty and meaningless. Freedom, democracy, left-wing, right-wing, socialism, capitalism, fascism, conservative – none of these words have the meanings they had fifty years ago. They are now mere slogans.

    We have conservatives who don’t want to conserve anything, we have socialists who are in bed with Wall Street, we have capitalists who have a horror of competition, we have people who want to take away our freedoms in the name of freedom, we have people who think the greatest threat to democracy is allowing people to vote.

    Words do matter and the misuse of words is extremely dangerous.

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