Another attack

Yet another attack, this time in Munich, at a shopping mall. Ten are dead, as of the writing of this, some of them children. More are injured.

And yet another shameful job by the Western establishment media in ‘reporting’ this story. As is usual in any crime or atrocity by one of the ‘protected groups’, the media deliberately obfuscated details, claiming that there was no certainty about the identity or especially the ethnicity/race of the attacker. The local authorities were also culpable, in issuing statements asking people to refrain from ‘speculating’ about the attacker.

The American media were especially brazen in trying to link the attack to German nationalists (which, in their twisted parallel universe, translates to ‘haters’ and ‘bigoted Whites’). Shep Smith, the light-in-his-loafers Fox News personality, was blatantly pushing this storyline. It may have been Shep who mentioned the Utoya shootings of several years ago, since the Munich attack occurred on the anniversaary of that incident. You will notice that the article I link above also makes a point of reminding readers that this was the anniversary of Utoya.

I am sure that many significant events have happened on this day, so why is that one alone so significant, that it must be mentioned? Is the point that ‘White men, right-wing nationalists, do this kind of thing too‘? I don’t know what else to take away from their pointedly telling us about that anniversary, which most of us would not even be aware of.

Now of course we know that the shooter (who targeted children, real children, not post-pubescent teenagers as in the aforementioned attack in 2011) was Iranian by ancestry, though apparently a German citizen. It appears he had a verbal exchange at the site of the attack with a German who referred to immigrants: the shooter said he was ‘German’ by virtue of having been born there.  Again, as Wellington said, being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse, and this Iranian killer was not German, regardless of an accident of birth or of citizenship papers.

The shocking thing about this incident is that the killer apparently lured children to the McDonald’s at the mall where the killings took place. He posted on Facebook about ‘free food’ for children there.

Though the media portray any ethnopatriot or ethnonationalist Whites as evil people consumed with ‘hate’ for anyone different from ourselves, I personally cannot conceive of hating anyone, especially strangers, so much that I would even think of doing something like this. The real ‘hate’, the kind of burning, visceral hate that allows someone to lure and kill children because of religious/racial/ethnic grudges is just foreign to me. These attacks only confirm in me the belief that these people are of a completely different makeup and mindset to Western, European-descended people. We have dangerous people amongst our own but not on the scale of what the Islamic world produces.

The media lackeys are colossal hypocrites who point the finger of accusation and condemnation at their own kinsmen while whitewashing and covering up and apologizing for the evils of the ‘sainted’ Others in our midst. These ‘white’ collaborationists are a disgrace to us and if we could excommunicate them from our folk, banish them, make them outcasts, that would be fully justified. All lefties and multicultists should be required to relocate to the Third World country of their choice, which if they are consistent, they would happily agree to.

2 thoughts on “Another attack

  1. While this will probably incite some ire from those who condemn me as heartless or bloodthirsty, since most of these “children” are non-German teenagers, I’m not terribly upset. Of course, had the gunman’s Iranian parents not been allowed in Germany, none of this would be a problem in the first place. But the headlines implying nine White German children (i.e. ages 1-12) have been killed are incorrect. At least according to the Mail Online, the dead include “Dijamant Zabergja, Armela Segashi, Sabina Sulaj, Huseyin Dayicik, Can Leyla.”


  2. Sheila – I wondered about that. The last articles I read did not give any info on the dead children (or adults, if any).
    I did notice in the photos I saw that the majority of mall patrons, at least those shown being herded out of the mall, looked mostly non-German, non-European.
    It does raise questions, though. I do wonder why the lefty apologists don’t bring this up and say ”see? he wasn’t a terrorist, just a poor mentally ill individual, and he actually killed Moslem children, not Germans.”


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