Certifiably insane — or?

Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the EU will never give up on their open-borders policy, despite the growing migrant crisis and the ramped-up terrorist acts in Europe. He says the EU will not give up on the so-called ”free movement of people” within the EU.

“This is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the founding Treaty of Rome. It is an inviolable principle,” he said.

[…]Speaking after Islamic terror attacks left 130 dead in Paris last November, Mr. Juncker rejected calls to rethink the EU’s open doors policy on migration from Africa and the Middle East. Dismissing suggestions that open borders led to the attacks, Mr. Juncker said he believed “exactly the opposite” – that the attacks should be met with a stronger display of liberal values including open borders.”

Apparently this statement was before the most recent attacks, which resulted in an elderly priest in Normandy murdered in his church, his throat slit. Some reports say that he was beheaded, but as we cannot automatically assume the media is giving accurate and complete information, given the fact that their marching orders from TPTB are to lie and mislead so as to further the agenda; the days of honest and objective journalism, insofar as they ever existed, are now a distant memory.

In response to the latest outrage, Hollande the globalist stooge says that the French people are ‘at war with ISIS.’ Shades of George W. Bush saying we were at war with ‘terror’, not with Islam, the “religion of peace.” Anything to avoid naming an enemy, an enemy which is not an abstraction. And saying that the enemy is ‘Islamism’ or ‘extremism’ or just ISIS, is a copout, a politically correct way of narrowing the blame down to ‘just a few extremists, a few bad apples who don’t represent Islam.’

If Juncker and his fellow globalist lackeys are sincere believers in their evil agenda of destroying nations and peoples, they are, as I’ve said for years, either insane or evil. Some people attribute the actions of Merkel, Juncker, and all their sorry kind to incompetence or to simple power-hunger.  Even now, some people can’t seem to see that this bizarre Camp-of-the-Saints scenario is not just the result of blundering or of simple political party ambitions (for instance Americans saying “it’s all about keeping the Democrats in power, more Democrat votes,” etc.) or ‘cheap labor’ for business — although that last apparently is a motivator for big business and small business too, in some cases. No, the madness we see playing out has method to it. They are working to a purpose, and working furiously to accomplish their malevolent goals. Nobody does this kind of evil, of this magnitude, for ordinary reasons.

And for my Christian readers, yes, we are fighting against ‘principalities and powers,’ and ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’

Oh, and I am waiting for the claims that ‘this was staged; nobody died; the survivors are crisis actors and the blood was ketchup.’

Strange and portentous times we are living in, but then we knew this was coming. It was predicted, and even some who don’t read the Bible or believe prophecy sensed that this was taking shape. Yet some still don’t see the larger significance of it.

5 thoughts on “Certifiably insane — or?

    • Oh, I am not singling out The Thinking Housewife. There are a number of bloggers who express similar views. One example is Jim Fetzer, but there are more than a few such blogs.
      If the blog has a selective commenting policy dissenting views might not see publication, but that’s the prerogative of the blogger, I suppose.
      I can’t say for sure that such theories are without basis, and I do certainly acknowledge that conspiracies exist and have always existed. But in my opinion we ought to examine each incident individually and not jump to conclusions based on an (understandably) skeptical or cynical worldview.


  1. If Juncker and his fellow globalist lackeys are sincere believers in their evil agenda of destroying nations and peoples, they are, as I’ve said for years, either insane or evil.

    You have to remember that the wealthy globalists do not pay the price themselves. They are well protected. From their point of view there is no price at all to be paid. As far as they are concerned everything is going very well indeed.


  2. Some people attribute the actions of Merkel, Juncker, and all their sorry kind to incompetence or to simple power-hunger.

    I do believe it is all about power. The objective is to eliminate any possible source of resistance. This means the destruction of Christianity and the effective elimination of all democratic institutions. Elected parliaments and leaders will be entirely replaced by unelected bodies.

    In order to achieve these ends it is necessary to have the population utterly demoralised and cowed, and hopelessly divided.

    If you look at it from the point of view of our globalist masters terrorism is a very good thing – it provides excellent opportunities to increase surveillance, to increase censorship, to militarise police forces and to root out and destroy dissenters. If it gets bad enough they can simply announce that in order to deal with the crisis it will be necessary to suspend democracy. Temporarily of course. In fact the suspension of democracy will turn out to be permanent.

    An atmosphere of crisis is incredibly useful in promoting obedience.

    The globalists want people to rely entirely on the state and to have no other loyalties. The only function of the populace is to consume, hence the never-ending promotion of mindless hedonism and consumerism. Politics might distract people from their duty to buy more consumer goods so politics will be taken away from the people.

    Terrorism is so amazingly useful and advantageous from the globalist point of view that if it did not exist the globalists would have to invent it.

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