Those ’11 million’ must have a ‘voice’

Antonio Villaraigosa, former L.A. Mayor and would-be governor of California, says that those fabled “11 million” illegal Latinos ‘must have a voice’ in the Democrat party and in ‘our’ nation.  “Our” nation, Tony? Do we, you and I, have a shared nation or nationality? Your ‘America’ and mine are not the same, as your words and actions amply illustrate.

Villaraigosa, as is typical of his political brethren on the Left, says that ‘we are our brothers’ keeper.’ But is everybody in the world my brother? If everybody is my brother, then the word ‘brother’ is meaningless. If everybody, all human beings including those tens of millions of Latino trespassers, are my brothers, then nobody is my brother. Our natural loyalties start with close blood kin and expand outward, and those nearest take priority.

The discussion of this article at Free Republic included the following, somewhat typical comments. For instance, the first comment is one that is frequently asserted by somebody, sooner or later, on such threads:

“A lot of Hispanics hate illegals.” – posted by Roman_War_Criminal

Sure, if you say so. The fact that I’ve never personally encountered this attitude is not necessarily proof that it isn’t so, but neither is the bald statement that it is so. Now, usually these statements — that many (or most) Hispanics object to illegal Latino immigration — are left unchallenged, but some healthy skepticism appears in the form of the following responses:

To: Roman_War_Criminal
A lot of Hispanics hate illegals.

Well they sure are mighty discreet about it.
11 posted on Thursday, July 28, 2016 4:59:45 PM by Steely Tom (Vote GOP: A

Slower Handbasket)

To: Steely Tom
kinda like those “peaceful” muslims we hear about.

37 posted on Thursday, July 28, 2016 5:18:15 PM by ealgeone

Exactly like those ”peaceful” Moslems. After all these years of witnessing Moslem atrocities (“false flags” to some) the lack of any significant counter-voice from the so-called ‘Muslim community‘ is glaringly obvious. I have less and less patience with these kinds of apologetic statements on behalf of supposed ‘moderates’, and for this “can’t we all just get along” pleading on behalf of this troublesome group or that. Unless there is a great groundswell of opposition to the ‘extremists’ who supposedly don’t represent the majority, I can only assume that the majority are either indifferent to what the ”few bad apples” [sic] are doing, or they are supportive of it. Either way, they are morally culpable, but then they illustrate the old adage that blood is thicker than water. Except, of course, for many Whites.

Where are these Hispanics who oppose illegal immigration? I know that some of the anti-open borders organizations in California would point to a Hispanic woman who spoke at various rallies 10 or so years back, as proof that ‘they are not all like that’; some are loyal  Americans just like you ‘n me. Likewise there has been a Hispanic woman who has been featured prominently at some Trump events, as a very vocal cheerleader for Trump. To me this is, sadly, much like the ‘conservative black’ fawn-fests that happened at Tea Party rallies and such: the endless quest for minorities who are ‘on our side’, and as proof that NA(X)ALT. Sorry, I remain skeptical. One swallow doth not a summer make; the exceptions and the outliers merely prove the rule. These exceptions are feted and courted and fawned over precisely because they ARE exceptions, oddities. We can’t base our actions or policies on the exceptions to the very real rule.

3 thoughts on “Those ’11 million’ must have a ‘voice’

  1. Black fawn-fests is a brilliant phrase. I checked in Google and Twitter and you are the only person to have used it. Likewise on Latino fawn-fest.

    The Dem diversity fawn-fest has inspired you today. It seems to me that most on our side were dispirited by the fawn-fest and finding it hard to write. I’m glad to see you have broken through this.

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  2. A very high-quality Hispanic man of my acquaintance is a second-generation immigrant it seems. He positively bristled at the notion that Mexicans should not be able to self-import into the U.S. If there is an “us” there in his mind it only tenuously included Anglos.

    Black fawn-fests is right as oldatlantic also notes. A wit once observed that there were more blacks on the dais during one of Glenn Beck’s “happenings” in D.C. than there were in the audience.

    The existence of articulate, educated, patriotic blacks is gratifying because they show, as do others, that anyone can attain consciousness and self-import into the true aristocracy of reasonable, objective, and realistic people who value truth and can control themselves.

    The objective reality of blacks in America, however, is that they lay waste to fine cities, degrade themselves and all that they touch, choose indolence and crime, and live the lie of white racism every waking minute. The names they give their children are pathetic and are remarkable as slight improvements over what children in kindergarten could devise and unmistakable clues as to the working of the rejectionist black mind.

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    • The second-generation Hispanic immigrants I know (some in the extended family, by marriage) are certainly not opposed to illegal (or massive legal) immigration of Latinos. I can only go by what I observe and then see what the obvious consensus is. So I just don’t see this opposition some claim exists. I think some of us, especially Christians, are so eager to see good in everyone (not a bad trait in some situations, except where our survival and our birthright is at stake) that we just see what we wish to see.
      Same where blacks are concerned, and I have known quite a few decent blacks (in the South, particularly) in a work environment. But they are exceptions overall, and like most ethnic groups they will support their own if only in a tacit way.
      I suppose I just object to what I see as pandering, or as being excessively flattering towards the better examples; there’s a tendency for some Whites to just gush over blacks and Hispanics or immigrants — it’s embarrassing in its effusiveness. I guess it’s just smarmy and over-the-top to me. In Christian terms it is ‘being a respecter of persons’, which we are warned not to do.


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