Erasing memory: the first step


The above is from a Tumblr blog. So Tumblr is not all millennial SJWs and angst-ridden teens.

The quote on the graphic above is very much like a quote which I used on my very first blog post back in 2006, as I seem to recall. Unfortunately I did not keep copies of my posts from those days, though they probably can be found in archives.

But the quote is more relevant today than ever. Back in 2006 there were far fewer people thinking or writing about these kinds of ideas and themes. Now, of course, there is a profusion of blogs, collectively known as Alt-Right or Neo-reaction, but those terms did not even exist then. But our relative fewness in number, those of us on the ‘traditional’ right or ‘paleo’ right, was offset by the more collegial and mutually supportive attitude amongst us which prevailed then. I miss that.

Still, it’s good that there are more people aware of the message in the above graphic, and more writing about it and discussing it, more openly and boldly.

3 thoughts on “Erasing memory: the first step

  1. They keep erasing memory. Now they are doing it at hyper speed, and then gaslighting us as you have pointed out so perceptively over time.

    In addition to your old blog, you had your forum, which at times had a lot of interest. However, it is the nature of such things to fall off. If they survive, they get bigger and lose that smaller collegial nature anyhow.

    Still for a time, that was a very productive place to exchange ideas and comradeship against an enemy that is now exposed as far more evil and determined to destroy us on purpose than most of us could bring ourselves to really believe.


  2. OA – yes the forum was for a time fairly active with some very good input from the group of regulars that were around. Many of our fellow bloggers who were part of that loosely associated group have since stopped blogging with at least one of them telling me that he was ceasing Internet activity because of concerns of being ‘doxxed’ as we would put it now.
    It couldn’t last forever, I guess, and my occasional hiatuses were a factor in dissolving some associations.


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