Italy ferrying immigrants to Europe?

According to blogger at The Reference Frame, news sources say that Italy is actually sending ships to Libya, where they are picking up people from boats near the North African coast, and bringing them to Italy. ‘Rescuing’ is the word being used to describe this, and most of us would assume that meant they were picking up people from the waters after their boats or rafts sank. Not so, apparently:

Because they can’t arrive through the Balkans, the importance of the Italian route for the illegal immigrants went up. Hours ago, the media told us that

“Italy says 6,000 migrants saved, 2 drowned in 4 days”
The report – which, according to the comment sections on Czech news servers, has totally shocked the Czech public – says that Italy’s navy is picking the people from boats directly near the beaches of Libya. In a sane world, the navy would be transferring the illegal immigrants from Europe back to Africa.

But the navy under the Italian social democrats is doing exactly the opposite: they are sending Italian ships to kidnap Africans and bring them to Europe.”

I encourage you to read the rest at the link.

As jaded as I sometimes become with these stories about our ‘elites’ and their bizarre machinations, this has me stunned, though it probably shouldn’t. Apparently they can’t replace Europeans and White populations everywhere fast enough, these disciples of Coudenhove-Kalergi. They have to come up with these schemes to speed things up.

And yet that’s not all. According to a commenter ‘Fer137’ on the article

There are also several Spanish frigates “rescuing” in Libya, and probably more countries. These are EU and NATO operations.……
At the height of impudence they advertised it as
“ cut lines of international human trafficking”
When in reality have become key partners. Facilitating the work of traffickers, reducing its operating costs, providing more comfortable and safe military boats for most of the trip. I have understood that just make a phone call from the coast of Libya to an NGO to go a military boat to “rescue”.

In a way we have a kind of similar action by ‘our’ government; remember a couple of summers ago when we read of the sudden surge of ”unaccompanied minors” at our Southern border? They were children, supposedly (though some suspiciously mature-looking) who needed to be ”escorted” to safety. We couldn’t turn poor orphaned children back, could we? It was a humanitarian crisis, so the feds brought these ‘children’ stateside and provided shelters, foster homes, and all kinds of assistance.

Just helping out the human traffickers, I suppose.

But this story from Europe deserves more exposure than it has gotten; I haven’t seen mention of it anywhere, and few eyes will see it on my blog. Bloggers, if anyone is reading this, you may want to check out this story. Especially if you are fluent in a European language and read European media where this story may (or may not) be reported.



5 thoughts on “Italy ferrying immigrants to Europe?

  1. The thing is… Spain is currently governed by the Partido Popular, a conservative, Christian democratic party. And yet I read Spanish ships are doing the same as the Italian ones. Obviously, Social Democrats at the helm are not the problem here – after all, Merkel is no Social Democrat either, isn’t she?


  2. Michael – thanks for your comment, and for the information about Spanish ships reportedly doing the same thing as the Italians.
    I know little about Spanish political parties but it seems that most of the European parties are on board with the mass immigration. Cameron, the ex-PM of Britain was supposedly conservative and he presided over a big increase in immigration.
    It seems there is an overall plan and that most of the leaders except for those in Eastern Europe are part of it.


    • Actually, the information about the Spanish ships comes from a quote in your article. It seems to me that you don’t know much about European politics, about European immigration policies and about the positions of the various parties on these issues. Might be a good idea to bring your knowledge of these issues to a higher level before making bold statements here.

      You are right – there is indeed an overall plan. The EU has a relocation plan, approved by a majority vote, with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia voting against. There’s also the deal with Turkey – and its not a secret deal, not a conspiracy – its part of the open, democratic process by which the EU is run.


  3. Michael – your condescending tone is noted and is not welcome.
    As to my being ‘uninformed’, what makes you an authoritative source and the arbiter of who is uninformed? It seems to me, by the very fact that you call the EU ‘open and democratic’, that you are the uninformed one. Are the EU leaders elected at all, let alone by a popular vote? Then how is the EU democratic, by any definition of that term? Even the left-wing Guardian thinks otherwise.

    Do the EU members have any real say about the wholesale dumping of the Third World’s castoffs onto their countries? From all I have read, they have no say, and this is part of the reason some European countries want out of that ‘democratic’ EU. Britain has voted to leave and yet the ‘democratic’ EU seems to be blocking that.

    By the way: I see by your blog that you live in Israel. Dual Citizen? Rootless cosmopolitan, as they used to say? What is your interest in what happens in Europe? I also notice by your photo that you appear very young, and so I will chalk up your naive leftist beliefs to youth and lack of experience. I am trying to be charitable here.

    You seem to think that the EU ‘agreement’ on letting the Third World inundate Europe is honest and above board, and I think otherwise. And suppose it was done honestly and in good faith: did the agreement take into consideration that many innocent European lives would be lost as a result? That many European women would be raped? That communities would be undermined because of incompatible cultures being imposed? Is that an acceptable cost of these agreements on immigration? The leadership of the EU (Juncker, for example) and the leftist/globalists like Merkel are apparently willing to sacrifice Europeans to the god of multiculturalism and ‘open borders.’ I gather this is acceptable to you, but then you are in Israel.
    In any case, this discussion is over; I won’t respond to any further comments from you. There’s nothing more to say.


    • I don’t expect a reply, but I think I need to rectify a few statements of yours.

      You’re uninformed about the very quotes you provide – that pretty much as uninformed as it gets. Uninformed about who’s ruling Spain – right or left. Uninformed that Merkel is a right-winger. Uninformed about the procedures of leaving the EU (its up to Britain to do the move, and the EU has no say in this). And so on.

      You have absolutely no idea about me or my views on immigration or politics in general and of what is and what is not acceptable to me. I’ll give you a hint: its nothing like you think. I’m 37, a father of two, I live in the Netherlands (as you could read in the “About me” page of my blog) and I myself have immigration experience enough for half a dozen people. Legal immigration, that is.

      Calling me names like “rootless cosmopolitan” is not exactly polite, neither is denying me the right to be interested in what happens in Europe or elsewhere, even if I would live in Israel. So I’ll contribute your vicious remarks to you being a frustrated, weak, insecure individual, and move on with my life. Wish you the best.


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