Social conservatives don’t exist

More and more I am becoming convinced that “social conservatives” no longer exist. They are extinct, for all intents and purposes.

Maybe Free Republic is not the place to find real ”conservatives” of any type, though the FReepers style themselves ‘conservative’, and seem to truly believe they are conservative. I get the impression that for them, ”conservative” means being for ‘small government and low taxes’ primarily, and the socially conservative stuff is optional if it’s tolerated at all.

The link above is to a discussion of a piece on the presidential daughters, or one of them at least, doing what is called ‘twerking’ at some kind of ‘concert.’ The pictures tell the story. In any case, if you can stand to scroll through the comments, you’ll see that quite a few FReepers defend the exhibitionistic behavior and the no-class style of dress that is on display. ‘Kids will be kids’, ‘they wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t rebel’ or ‘we did worse in my day’, are some of the defenses offered.

Make of this what you will: many of those who see nothing wrong in ‘twerking’ wearing skimpy clothing are men. And yet elsewhere on the Internet the anti-feminist males complain that American women are sluttish — so why are men defending this behavior? More importantly why are ‘conservatives’ in general so indistinguishable from the leftists when it comes to personal morality, especially sexual behavior?

I realize that for much of the younger alt-right, the word ”conservative” is now a pejorative word, and the general decree has gone out that conservatism is dead and good riddance to it; it’s a fraud and it represents weakness and loserdom. So they say.

But if we write off conservatism as a failure and a fraud and as something without which we are better off, then who will hold the line against the continuous onslaught of ‘change’ for the sake of change, and who will try to halt, or at least slow down the cycle of depravity and loss of standards in every area of life?

There has to be a counterforce to the seemingly endless push for new extremes of rebellion — rebellion against order, against rules of any kind, and against nature itself.

To say ‘conservatism is dead; let’s bury it for good’ is to invite unopposed chaos.

Social liberalism, also known as libertinism or libertarianism, will be the end of us even if we get our political houses in order.

One thought on “Social conservatives don’t exist

  1. The irony is that our enemies during the Cold War, the Soviets, were more socially conservative than the modern Republican Party.


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