The Christian Right not so ‘right’

Ehud Would’s recent piece from Faith and Heritage was titled ‘The Christian Right Gone Left’, and I realized in looking at it again that it somewhat ties in with my recent posting about the apparent demise of social conservatism.

We know that any institution that is not self-consciously conservative or right-wing will inevitably turn to the left over time. We see that in the secular realm, in politics and sadly in the social sphere. Even worse is that the Christian ‘right’ has apparently been seduced by The World now.


The illustration is from the Faith and Heritage piece aforementioned.

I recommend that article as well as this one, Modern Advertising as Leftist Propaganda, by David Carlton. It’s hard to escape the influence of advertising and pop culture, no matter how hard we try to seal ourselves off from it, and some of us do try. At the very least, it exercises a second-hand influence as we (and our children) come into contact with people who live and breathe pop culture in all its potent forms. And the simple act of going out in public means that we are exposed to all the propaganda in some form or other, by means of advertising billboards, music played in retail stores and restaurants, magazine covers, even the boxes of certain products like disposable diapers (very few White children there). A large poster in my local supermarket announces that the grocery chain “values diversity”, showing a store manager with several employees of different races.

The sheer ubiquity of the memes is staggering. It takes some determination to stand up to it. I don’t have a ready solution; we can only hope and pray that the tide has to turn back to sanity sooner or later.

The seemingly all-powerful ‘System’ may be its own worst enemy as they keep pushing more and more until it reaches a point of absurdity, and it all begins to crumble of its own weight, a victim to its own contradictions.  They can’t seem to resist overplaying their hand. I hope that will eventually be their undoing.

5 thoughts on “The Christian Right not so ‘right’

  1. I know what you mean about going out in public. This is most acute for me if I go to some institution that on the surface is working. We then link that good functioning institution and its diversity policy together.

    Even if that were the true reality, it would not justify eliminating Whites nor would it provide value over what existed with Whites by themselves.

    I have also had many recent experiences with low IQ blacks at these same institutions who were completely incompetent at their jobs. In one case, they gave me trouble and I actually told them what their problem was. This was a low IQ black who was a recent immigrant. You can imagine their reaction. Their coworker Asian seemed to be glad to finally hear the truth spoken.

    Recently, I was out on some errands and I was the only White present in some cases. This is in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County home of the federal workers.

    Why do federal workers live in Fairfax instead of the District or Prince George’s County MD? Because of the dysfunctional blacks. We give credit to the institutions upholding diversity while at the same time we accept as automatic we don’t go into most of the District or PG County as normal and not needing comment. Fed workers avoid Hispanics and in fact prefer White enclaves in Fairfax County especially if they have two incomes to afford them. Imagine.

    Schools with a heavy Asian presence are a grind and many White parents no longer want to send their children to Thomas Jefferson High School of Asian Science because of the stress on Whites of being there.

    This Double Think process is going on all the time. We are giving credit to diversity in one case and blanking out that diversity is the problem in others.

    Interactions with Asians are far from perfect. Also our projection of White thinking on them is not reciprocated. They are totally hostile in hiring and in contracting and in many other ways. We blank this out as well as normal.

    Moreover, well functioning diversity institutions lack former good feelings among customers and staff. These are formal artificial institutions where people are mindful of what they say or think. The harsh working conditions many find these days are often made that way or made far worse by the impersonal climate of diversity institutions and settings. These become a form of psychological abuse and disorientation. I am sure this is known and intended by those pushing it.

    The delicate balance of what kept Whites a going concern is disrupted and the disorientation and underlying apathy and even hostility is part of what drives lower White fertility that is becoming an increasingly common reality. Whites are withdrawing from a hostile diversity environment by dying out. I am sure someone knows this as well and knew it long before we did.

    Nonwhite immigrants have no such attitude of sacrifice of themselves for the general good or for Whites. Each group has the camaraderie of invaders and colonists. Whites are forbidden to feel such much less act on it.

    My reaction to the day of errands where I was the only White was to erase completely any feeling that normal is diversity. Instead I felt definitely ethnic cleansed. On that day, being out in public in a stifling diversity dominated reality was consciousness waking.

    I have many experiences of the coldness and apathy of diversity and their not caring about cheating me or otherwise harming me. I think these are increasing.

    Sometimes we hear their real attitudes towards Whites and it is chilling. The DNC in Philly was one such time. Those were their real feelings especially the man from Pakistan. Whites have been fools and we won’t have a comfortable demise. Our folly will produce ever increasing misery at a time when many of us are experiencing advancing age.

    I’m ready for a Trump or a Duke or a whatever to reverse this. So are many. Whites just need a leader. We will know him partly from the hate directed at him by Diversity. That is the hate they have for Whites.

    As Whites are willing to stand with such leaders who speak openly, the hostility of the nonWhite invaders and their backers will become more evident. If we don’t back down then but continue to stand with our outspoken leaders, we can then have a movement that can achieve miracles in a small time. Our opponents know this.

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    • OA, thanks for that post. I am sure it really rings a bell for a lot of us. Your experiences may be more intense because of where you live and work, and the environment in those workplaces. But lots of us out here have similar experiences. I hope you are right that we just need leadership (that is a theme that recurred now and then on my old blog: where is our leadership? Where is our ‘Grey Champion’?) and I hope that the needed leadership is waiting in the wings. Then leaders need followers, people willing to unite despite minor differences and work together.


  2. Oldatlantic – I can’t recall my wordpress login so I can’t up-vote your comment, but I wholeheartedly endorse your sentiments. I’m in a DFW suburb which was presented to us as a Whitopia 21 years ago. Now, I can go an entire day seeing a mere handful of White people amidst the Asians, Indians, Mexicans, Negroes, and Mohammedans. It’s incredibly stressful, and I increasingly choose to just stay home rather than endure an alien and hostile public space.

    VA – I’ve often noted what you write about – the diaper packs with various dusky-hued children, the grocery advertisements featuring various Mulatto females. Back when we used to get the newspaper (5 years now?) I used to show my husband the various ads pushing miscegenation or the coupons for products using specific ethnic groups. It’s something I’ve had to remind my children of – that they’ve never known a White country, although their Christian schools were majority White and our former church was overwhelmingly so.

    The Christian Right (what Vox rightly labels churchians) are moral exhibitionists who choose to lionize Jesus as a loving buddy, while anathematizing His righteousness and holiness and militancy rejecting evil. Because He said not to be a hypocrite, the churchians say we must abjure all judgement of anyone ever, although all of life is a matter of discriminating among evil, poor, and better choices. They fetishize the other and choose to minister to them at the expense of their own children, let alone their own people. I seem to recall a biblical passage condemning this – although I must be mistaken, because surely Jesus was all about loving and elevating the other above one’s own. That’s one reason we’ve been without a church home for a few years now – we want to hear the Gospel, not the SJW creed.

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  3. Sheila – I know what you mean about living in a very ‘diverse’ environment; it is very demoralizing, because it’s very draining. Being on one’s guard all the time,not just for fear of some physical danger, but because of the sort of passive hostility that you feel from others, as well as just the sort of chaos and disorder that such environments are known for, it’s all very depleting of one’s energies and ultimately our morale suffers. ‘Diversity is our strength’???

    The quote from the Bible that you allude to, could it be this one?
    “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” which is 1 Timothy 5:8.
    Maybe it’s not the one, as Jesus himself isn’t quoted there. Still it’s somewhat apt.


  4. Christianity seems to have really lost its way. It saddens me to say this but many of our civilisation’s worst enemies are self-identified Christians.

    I don’t really think this is a recent thing. Mainstream Christianity has been heading this way for the best part of a century. I suspect it has quite a lot to do with the infiltration of mainstream churches by homosexuals and the increasing dominance of women. These seems to be no room in modern Christianity for heterosexual men, and certainly no room for masculine men.

    But there’s more to it than this. Christianity has been compromising with modernism and liberalism for a century. The trouble is you can’t compromise with modernism and liberalism – these are ideologies they will only accept abject surrender. Didn’t Pope Pius X warn about this back in around 1910?


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