The left’s ‘human shields’

For a while I didn’t care to read Ann Coulter’s commentaries; maybe I associated her with the other Fox News ‘pundits’. Needless to say I tuned out Fox News years ago, when it was more than obvious that they are not conservative or right-wing, much less pro-White, even implicitly.

But I think she makes a very good analogy in this piece about the Khan controversy.

Khizr Khan, the Muslim “Gold Star Father” who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies.

Human shields. Yes, that’s exactly the purpose they serve. Just as in the Moslem world they notoriously use children as human shields, counting on the European Christian tradition of chivalry to ensure that our side holds their fire. Surely nobody will criticize the Khans; after all their son ”died a hero”, supposedly shielding ‘his’ soldiers, our guys. Mr. and Mrs. Khan are ‘Gold Star Parents’ who are thus immune from any criticism, and anybody who dares question them or their agenda would automatically be branded as heartless and/or unpatriotic. And the people who are most susceptible to this kind of approach are pro-military Republicans.

To me it just seems as if the Khans are being used in much the same way as Cindy Sheehan, who apparently was funded to travel all over this country making a nuisance of herself because of her son’s death in the Iraq war. After Sheehan was no longer useful to the Democrats, it appeared they dropped her, because she was no longer all over the media.

The Khans, however, present a better image for the left to exploit; they are Moslem, they are immigrants, they are non-white, and they claim to be patriotic ‘Americans’, with Mr. Khan brandishing his pocket-size Constitution which he purportedly carries with him. But just look at the expression on his face in that famous shot of him and his silent wife at the podium. What anger; what contempt. These are not exactly sympathetic characters with their surly attitudes and their evident lack of adaptation to this country.

I am dismayed by the numbers of articles and blog comments by ‘conservatives’ who flatly state that the Khans’ son ‘was a hero’, and that the Khans, being Gold Star  parents should be honored. But being utterly honest, is everyone killed on active duty automatically a ‘hero’? It seems to me that we have so devalued that word by applying it too inclusively that we have essentially stripped it of its original meaning. It used to be reserved for people who showed extraordinary bravery in dire circumstances, or people who did selfless, even self-sacrificing things for the greater good, or to save innocent lives. From what I have read of the death of the Khans’ son, it is not at all  clear that this definition fits him.

Many Republicans objected when the young female soldier, Jessica Lynch, was made out to be a heroine (PC version: ‘hero’, because ‘heroine’ is a sexist term) by being ambushed and taken captive. She was raked over the coals by some who said she did not deserve to be called heroic — including raving lesbian leftie Rachel Maddow. I believe women should not be in combat, and that the co-ed military is disastrous for all involved, But Lynch did not make herself out to be a hero; the PC military apparently did so, probably to bolster the case for female ‘equality’ in the military. It may be that this Khan case is also likewise a result of the politically correct military promoting the idea of ‘patriotic Muslims’ fighting alongside us, etc.

I don’t know how effective this blatant propaganda effort has been among average voters; I would imagine that only the most zealous ideologues are buying it. I do hope that further information will come out about the Khans We already know he has influential associates, so he is not a poor struggling immigrant, and that his business is involved with bringing more Moslem immigrants to this country, and that he has a financial incentive to do so as well as an ethnocentric bias towards it. Not to mention that his religion advocates for Moslems immigrating en masse into infidel countries, and that his religion recommends lying as a tactic to advance Islam.

So the Khans are being exploited by the left, but let’s not make them out to be hapless victims thereby; they are also doing some exploiting of their own.



One thought on “The left’s ‘human shields’

  1. V.A. – If only a slight majority of REAL Americans could read the obvious signs as you clearly articulate here, there would be no need for having this discussion.


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