‘Not what America is about’

From a New York Daily News article about an imam and his assistant being shot in Queens:

“That’s not what America is about,” said local resident Khairul Islam, 33.

You could read the above words (haven’t we heard those words a lot lately, by the way) as being defensive of the real America, as saying that America is in fact not a bigoted country where people are “targeted” just because of the color of their skin or their obvious Moslem appearance and clothing. And in fact the real America, not the ‘America’ of the lurid media coverage, is not a country in which “innocent” people are targeted, willy-nilly, for any reason. But then that real America no longer exists; I used to speak of it as ‘vanishing America’ but now it’s pretty much vanished, because the original population has been diminished and neutered. And if anybody is being ‘targeted’ is it majority America, not the professional ‘victims.’

But no minority or immigrant, especially those of the Religion of Taqqiya, would ever offer a defense of America as being a place where innocent people are not targeted. Now, the aforementioned groups only utter a phrase like ‘That’s not what America is about’ as a way of saying that THEY alone determine what America is about, even though they may have just landed here in this country or crossed the Rio Grande last night. Only minorities, especially immigrants, know what this country is about, and isn’t it coincidental that they tell us that America is ‘for immigrants’ and ‘for everybody’, and that we old-stock native-borns have no special status, because after all, this is a ”nation of immigrants”, built by immigrants (and slaves, according to newly-minted ‘history’). So Bangladeshis in Queens get to tell the rest of us what this country is about. And their America is definitely not a place where grateful immigrants exist.

Meanwhile, that rare creature, an ‘honest’ Moslem, tells us that Islam does intend to conquer Britain, and that Sharia law is coming. He’s emphatic and confident about it, and downright brazen.

And yet Moslems have the gall to play the victim all the time, and to point the finger at us and cry ‘Islamophobia.’ So much so that the tumblr teens have a meme going, ‘Justice for Muslims.’ Because the poor Moslems are so badly treated. Apparently a Moslem tumblr blogger complained of being treated as ‘not human’, so the infidel teens are expressing sympathy and support. The object of their concern speaks:

muslim victims 2016-08-13_054455

The idea that the ‘media is spewing out’ bad things about Moslems is laughable. The media do nothing but promote fawning, flattering images of Moslems or the ‘Muslim community’, from the local ‘news’ coverage to the national news outlets. Have the Moslems come to believe their own falsehoods? Maybe, like their liberal apologists and enablers, they do believe these lies.

One more ludicrous claim of theirs: in the story of the Queens imam being shot, the perpetrator is described as being ‘Hispanic’ in appearance, yet the Moslems interviewed blame it on Trump.  And the media are happy to run with that, and imply that it is White, Christian America at fault. Actually it would not be surprising if it was one of their own who committed the act, given the Islamic propensity for internecine conflict. What is the Middle East but a hotbed of murderous infighting between various factions and sects?  The passage in Genesis about Ishmael’s hand being against every man is all too true. Yet somehow the rest of us are to blame, and we are somehow meant to solve their insoluble problems, and give up our countries to them.

And that, truly, is not what America is about.

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