Sam Francis on globalism, and…

From The Social Pathologist, a very good quote from the late Sam Francis on the subject of globalism. I’ve long admired Sam Francis, and consider him one of the most lucid and sound thinkers on our side.

However, read the comment below the quote at Social Pathologist. The commenter ‘refutes’ Francis by an extensive quote from Mencius Moldbug, and the seeming gist of Moldbug’s words, quoted as gospel apparently, are that Puritans/”Brahmins” and ultimately Christians are the real ‘elites’, not those considered elites by most of us.

Really? Who are these ”Brahmins”? That word was traditionally used to refer to primarily Bostonians, old-stock Anglo-Saxons, usually ‘Mayflower descendants’ or at least the most prominent families in the Boston Social Register. Famous people like the Lowells, the Cabots, and related families.  Read this PBS piece on the ”Brahmins” and you get very much the same jaundiced view of them as the one advanced by Moldbug.

In my earlier days of blogging someone mentioned my blog in the same sentence with Moldbug’s Unqualified Reservations blog, somehow likening us. Some people criticized Moldbug’s tendency to verbosity, thus compared me to him. In any case, though I looked in on his blog I never read it habitually. Maybe it was his manner of expression that was a little opaque and hard to follow, but from reading others’ analyses of his work, I gathered that he had a very idiosyncratic view of the world which I found hard to relate to. For one thing, his constant references to ‘The Cathedral‘, a term which to me seems a very Christian reference, and it seems that ultimately he blamed Christianity, or ‘Puritanism’ in particular for all that has gone wrong in the West. Now of course there are all those influenced heavily by him who perpetuate this meme. Personally I object to the references to ‘The Cathedral’ and I think his idea that these shadowy ‘Brahmins’ are controlling the world behind the scenes is ridiculous.

Some people like this bizarre idea that there are all these Anglo-Saxon Mayflower descendants, all obscenely wealthy, who are somehow, somewhere, exerting all kinds of power. Who and where are these all-powerful Brahmins who have managed to survive the centuries? Some think they are still living in Boston, but have any of these people been to Boston lately? Most of the old stock Anglo-Saxon Puritan descendants (having lost their Christian faith and became Unitarians or agnostics) are moved to happier climes, having gone to the Midwest and the Far West long ago, ethnically cleansed by the immigrants who came in waves, starting before the War Between the States. My own ‘Puritan Yankee Brahmin’ great-grandfather came to the far West long ago, as did many cousins. So where are these elusive ‘Brahmins’ and ‘Puritans’?

It seems to me that for Moldbug, the Brahmins are invoked as a way of deflecting blame from the Jews, and that is their function for many people looking to redirect the criticism of Jews.

Moldbug, whose name is Curtis Yarvin, is Jewish by ancestry though probably an atheist or agnostic. But then one can be an ethnic and cultural Jew though one professes no belief in God.

Yarvin, I think, is a pied piper, and I find that a great many people quote his words as if he were an infallible source, the last word. And most oddly, these are often people who profess awareness of the Jewish influence in the anti-White, anti-nationalist tyrannies with which we have to deal today. I can name at least one other Jewish blogger who also has a loyal and almost reverential set of followers among Alt-right or ‘pro-White’ readers and bloggers on the internet.

This is one of those paradoxes which always keep me shaking my head. Is it not wise to treat such writers as at least potentially working an agenda which is against our interests? I don’t understand this uncritical embrace of those who probably have some anti-White, anti-Christian axe to grind.

2 thoughts on “Sam Francis on globalism, and…

  1. Thanks VA for highlighting the Moldbug scam of blaming the non-existent Wasps for the Madoff family of parasitic worms taking over and destroying Wasp institutions and Wasp morality.

    Like you I sometimes read Moldbug but had difficulty putting my mind around his philosophy. But that is the method of people like Moldbug and Madoff? Madoff too was obscure about his option trading strategy, refusing to discuss the details. Which also served to hide that he probably lacked basic knowledge of options.

    Madoff was protected by the Tribe for years just as they are trying to foist one Moldbug after another on us as the real leaders of the pro-White thinkers. I would say that your clarity and courage stand in direct opposition to Moldbug’s obscurity and despair.

    The Cathedral is part of Moldbug’s despair spreading. Not only does it shift blame as you suggest but it is a giant blackpill to suggest we are hopeless against The Cathedral. The Cathedral is now owned by Madoff’s investors who keep making money from Gus, Gullible Uncle Sam.

    A better name than the Cathedral would be The Camp. The Camp’s Prophets are a giant sucking sound of our money, cities and civilization based on scams, falsehoods and blame shifting.

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  2. Jews play this game constantly. Moldbug got closed down by his own tribe because he was being too obvious by omission. This plenty of blame to go around or blaming Christian Groups like Catholics is a really old trick that just don’t fly anymore. Lets just face it, there is no real Illuminati. If there was, they would deny it. Its disinfo to get the heat off the Synagogue of Satan. Anyone not tribe is hired help or paid Judasgoats. They make excellent scapegoats for the tribe. They don’t really have a seat at the table. Bombhatta and Hillary are considered tribe cause they have mommas who are tribe. Everyone else goes by the Paternal Line, but the tribe, always backward, does it by the Maternal Line. Father can be anything, but non tribe momma is Shiksa and even if daddy is tribe, any kids are not bona fide members.

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