Univision: Trump appeasing Hispanics

The faithful will deny it’s true but Univision is claiming that Donald Trump, in a meeting with Hispanic leaders, is offering a deal to legalize “millions of undocumented immigrants.”

If true, Trump’s plan would stand in sharp contrast to his previous statements about immigrants during the campaign. During the primaries, the New York property tycoon promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico and to deport all undocumented immigrants.

The possible reversal over immigration policy by the Republican candidate would not be without precedent after Trump has shifted his position on a variety of issues during his campaign from banning Muslims to taxes, minimum wages and and abortion.

Polls show Trump has alienated many minority voters and Republican party strategists have urged him to tone down his rhetoric about immigrants, especially Hispanics who make up a growing share of registered voters – about 10% in November.”

Republican party strategists — I see their hand in this. I have not trusted the recent additions to Trump’s staff, particularly people like Newt Gingrich, about whom nothing more need be said, and Kellyanne Conway — who previously headed Ted Cruz’ SuperPac and was a big donor to his failed campaign. She has also favored legalizing illegals.

Kellyanne Conway, who was named Trump’s campaign manager Wednesday morning, co-authored a 2014 polling memo for the pro-immigration group FWD.us touting the benefits of a sweeping overhaul bill that would have created a 13-year pathway to citizenship for roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The memo, which was signed by Conway and 15 other GOP pollsters, argued that “most Americans don’t believe deportation is a viable policy” and that there is an “overwhelming consensus” for “some kind of legalization” for people in the United States illegally. The pollsters made the case that there is “broad support” for the bill that Trump now strongly opposes but Hillary Clinton supports.

“Supporting this new immigration reform proposal should be good electoral politics for Republicans,” the memo said.

Still, if Trump is sufficiently his own man he would likely not be swayed by this coterie of Wormtongues he’s acquired.

It appears I’m one of very few people who find this new report unsettling; everybody else on the Internet seems to shrug this off as, (to use Limbaugh’s word when excusing some leftward move by George W. Bush), “strategery.” Bushbots used to excuse any sellout of ‘conservative principles’ by Bush as being just ‘W’ being shrewd and ‘gaming the system.’ Strategery, and you need strategery to win. But, as I used to waste a lot of time arguing with these Bushbots and party faithful, if you ‘win’ by sacrificing any ‘conservative’ principles you may have had, or by selling out your real base of support, what has the Party won? More importantly, what will we,  the People, have won? Trump may be elected but if he comes into office heavily indebted to blacks (who have ‘suffered the most’ as he said) and illegal immigrants, what will we have won?

Talk is cheap, and the minority groups who are on the receiving (and I emphasize receiving) end of the pandering know this. They will not be satisfied by sweet talk and courting; they will expect Trump to come across with the goods ultimately. And that will mean more tax dollars spent on ”outreach”, special programs, and constant attention for reassurance that they are still at the apex of the victims’ pyramid. Just as in the past, there is always the threat of rioting to keep their special status intact.

I have not yet given up on Trump; I will give him the benefit of the doubt, realizing that we, the Founders’ posterity, have nowhere else to go this election. We have no candidate that represents our interests; in fact we have no viable candidate who is not outright hostile to our interests. But let’s watch and see whether Trump himself confirms this story from Univision. I wonder if, having satisfied himself that he has people like me ‘in the bag’, and that we have nowhere to go, he will now turn to minorities and focus on them until November. As always, we are taken for granted.

4 thoughts on “Univision: Trump appeasing Hispanics

  1. Trump strikes me as a guy who is basically strongly pro-immigration. He’d just like to make it seem more acceptable by making it seem like legal rather than illegal immigration.

    This is exactly what we’ve seen from our supposedly conservative government in Australia. They made a big noise about clamping down on illegal immigration while at the same time bringing in enormous numbers of legal migrants. They thought that Australians would be dumb enough not to see through such transparent chicanery. As a result they lost a swag of Senate seats to the genuinely anti-immigration One Nation party.

    Unfortunately with your rigid two-party system in the US there’s no possibility of any genuine conservative party emerging.


  2. I wouldn’t give up hope just yet. Breitbart put out an article today debunking the Univision story (http://goo.gl/NVBTEp). Here is a quote from the article:

    “While the BuzzFeed and Univision stories got it wrong, Breitbart News actually spoke with many of the main players in the room and senior campaign staffers. At least four campaign sources with direct knowledge of Trump’s plans—including several who were in the room at this meeting—directly and independently confirmed to Breitbart News that Trump has no such plans to change anything in his immigration policy. They also all confirmed that Trump said nothing in this meeting to indicate that he would, but that he only restated his already public policy positions.”

    I hope this is true. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see what Trump announces on Thursday, if anything.


  3. Like you, I read all the conflicting reports and the rationalizing and the excuses, and I wonder where to draw the line. I keep hearing “he has to moderate” or “pivot” or “soften” to get elected. But what separates true belief from political expediency? At what point do supporters stop making excuses?

    And all the churchians and cucks who push “citizenism” or color-blind “Americanism” are rushing constantly to insist neither they, nor Trump are racisss. Well golly gee, I AM race realist, and if he caves on this, there’s no substantive difference between Trump and Hillary. What good are better trade agreements if the “Americans” the jobs are going to all “American” via magic dirt and magic papers?


  4. I love that phrase “the Founders’ posterity”. I have done some searches on it in quotes and just “Founder’s posterity”. Scattered in the past, a few have used it in this sense. This was done in isolation from each other most likely. This deserves to become a meme if not a movement.


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