Politics replaces tribe, for some

Some ask why I bother to read Free Republic and the like. One answer I give is that it’s a fairly good place to find aggregated news stories that are of interest to me. (If anyone can recommend another that would serve this function, I’m open to suggestions.)

I also read there because I used to believe, based on some signs that I observed, that some of the “conservatives” there were potential converts or allies. Less and less do I think so. After rapidly worsening scenarios involving mass immigration and racial tensions over the last couple of decades, if these people haven’t ‘gotten it’ by now, they likely never will. In fact, for many of them, it seems they have dug in their heels and become more politically correct and deluded, somehow, because of what has been happening. It is as if denial has become stubbornly entrenched among some White folk. It is their way of plugging their ears and reciting the propaganda to shut out the truth. May God help these lost souls.

One example: a news story reports that Quanell X, (born Quanell Evans), a ‘black activist’ has endorsed Donald Trump. And this is one response:

Blacks aren’t our “enemies”. Blacks, and Hispanics and Asians and whomever want for themselves and their families the same things “we” want: peace, safety, jobs, good schools, to be left alone to pursue our dreams with the talents that God endowed us with…..and more.

“Thugs” do not represent the average American Black person any more than Klansmen or NAZIs represent White Americans.”

Or this:

Add that to the list of things I’d never thought I’d see. Civic nationalism has a broad appeal.”

One commenter notes that blacks have been angry at Democrats for ”failing them for 54 years”. The commenter thinks they have a right to be angry, the implication being that yes, Democrats have ”failed” blacks. Right, just as schools keep ”failing” blacks and the ”justice system” has ”failed” blacks. That is, none of these institutions have done enough to free blacks from personal responsibility or to coddle and cater to them.

But the part about blacks like Quanell X possibly turning to Republicans in a fit of pique against the insufficiently servile Democrats makes sense. In other words, they are saying ‘the Republicans may make us a better offer, and unless you raise their bid, we won’t vote for you. You don’t want to lose our valuable votes, do you? Or be called ”racist”, do you?

It’s the same with the ever-elusive Hispanic vote. The country club GOP types, and the ‘Main Street’ GOP, think we should win over the Hispanics by wooing them and flattering them, making concessions to them — little things like amnesty. And of course the Hispanics like to flirt with both sides, like a vain and manipulative woman. If she can have two or more men bidding for her affections, she can get both sides to woo her and make promises and lavish her with gifts. This is how Hispanics and now, blacks play the two parties (really one party) against each other. Will Quanell X and his ilk really vote for Trump? If they do, it will not be because they are ‘natural conservatives’ and suddenly believers in the Free Market and Smaller Government. No; it may only be because they dislike Mexicans more than they dislike Whites at this moment, or more cynically, because they want Trump to side with them against their Mexican rivals. But then I think they are trusting too much if they believe he will close the borders.

And again, their support will come with a price tag. Quid pro quo.

Quanell X’s ‘turf’ is the Houston area, as the article mentions; illegal Latino (and other) immigration — as well as legal immigration — has changed that area immensely, so blacks in that part of Texas do see and feel the results of racial displacement and conflict. Would someone as militantly anti-White as Quanell be willing to ally with Whites against mass immigration? Doubtful; the minority groups may just be jockeying for a greater share of the government handouts and status.

But the ‘conservatives’ who are sold out to the ‘Big Tent’, multicult rainbow America are really diehards, for whom their politics replace natural tribe affinities. And as such they are bound to be used and abused and ultimately very disappointed as things do not move towards a happy, multicultural utopia based, of course, on ”conservative ideology.”



3 thoughts on “Politics replaces tribe, for some

  1. VA, while I was working yesterday in a neighborhood under development I had a chance to speak with a blue-collar white guy.

    This is unusual because in ALL new developments the construction workers, plumbers, landscaping crews, masons, etc. are Hispanic.

    Well, this white fella began speaking Spanish to me. I cut him off by saying “I speak English” (this is becoming more common in my life). After some trivial talk, I had to ask him “You’re the only white fella out here. Never seen a white guy working in these new neighborhoods.”

    He proceeded to explain that before the dip and the oil and gas market he was a roughneck for a major oil company here in Houston. Actually he worked as a welder on the rigs. Of course, what this meant was he was laid off earlier this year.

    I asked him why he couldn’t find another job welding and why he was out here digging in the dirt. He said the most he was offered by other companies for his welding skill was 12 dollars an hour. He said “I told that jackass I won’t even start my diesel truck for 12 bucks”.

    Well, I had to ask even though I knew. I wanted to hear it. “Do the Hispanics make it rough for guys like you? ” to which he responded “Oh hell yeah”. Making 12 an hour is good money for Hispanics. Not so much for skilled whites.


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  2. Nick, thanks for your comment, and for reminding us of the cost of ‘replacing’ the White population. I know there are lots of stories like this out there, stories that too few people hear. And yes it is sad; men in the skilled trades in particular, White men (who usually dominate those jobs, because they do the best work) are now being pushed out of those once-well-paying jobs and forced into unskilled labor (if they can get it) or forced to work for much lower wages because Mexicans have underbid them, and driven wages down.
    If all the illegals (and many of the naturalized ones, too) were sent home or encouraged to voluntarily leave, that would give many American workers a chance to once again make a decent living in their chosen trades or professions. It would be such a boon in so many ways.
    I hope we live to see that happen in our lifetime.


  3. Well, it’s not serious contribution but I thought it applied to your most recent posts about Hispanics – a group of people seriously loyal to themselves.

    The blue collar working category is so diminished many of us that walked away from higher education (given its nature and intent) have no hope of maintaining nor progressing the quality of life our parents and grandparents bestowed upon us. Simply put, what I was used to as a child is but a vapor now and learning to settle for a more substandard quality of life is a responsibility I struggle with daily.

    Ironically the Hispanics I argue with on this very matter always respond by reminding me that they too want to live happy and prosperous lives – as if that were some justification for wrecking the very economy that’s exploited by them to achieve such a dream. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so obviously destructive. And when the economy is destroyed, they’ll return to their homelands with hundreds of American dollars to exchange into Pesos and be more wealthy.

    It makes me angry. I’m not ethnically American like you, but my mother and her family have been her since the beginning. At the very least, I can’t help defend what’s right because of that. Plus, I need a better wage.

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