Throwing stones from a glass house

Mrs. Bill Clinton says that ‘half of Trump supporters’ are ‘a basket of deplorables.’

This, from the nominee of a party that includes among its core constituents an odd assortment of rag-tag-and-bobtail. Example: convicted felons, death-row criminals (always the object of so much compassion from Clinton and her likes), rapists, deviants (of every conceivable variety and then some), men who have delusions of being women and vice-versa, illegal aliens, and all professional ‘victims’ — at least all who are not White, Christian, or especially not male.

One of the last Democrat national conventions I watched any part of was, I think, in 1996, when the camera panned across the delegates, offering an up-close view of those representing the party. One of the faces that stayed in my mind all these years was that of an obvious male, wearing eye make-up,  dressed in a woman’s wig and feminine clothing — and in the close-up shot, his facial stubble was very visible. What a grotesque spectacle, and yet today it hardly draws a shrug from most people. Thanks, Democrats, for that.

Then there was the spectacle in 2000, or was it 2004, of the Democrats booing the Boy Scouts because of the Scouts’ then-policy of excluding homosexual scoutmasters. Yet now that stance is painted as ‘homophobic and bigoted.’ Thanks, leftists, for making evil, good, and good, evil.

During my misguided youth I attended enough liberal events (protests for ‘peace’, etc.) to know firsthand the base of the Democrat party. The big-time fundraisers may be populated by the limo liberals who support the party financially but the voting base and the radical foot-soldiers are a rabble of older communists and deluded young people,  having bad hygiene, smelling of body odor and patchouli. Even the middle-class Democrat types are slovenly, being proud of their proletarian rumpled look. Sad to say that look crosses party lines now, though it used to be the trademark look of middle-aged and older lefties.

Bad dress sense and hygiene aside (and granted, those are superficial things, though not unimportant) just look at what the left says and does; look at the things they consider priorities. They are full of loathing and envy and resentment — resentment of those who are their betters in any sense of the word: people who are more intelligent, more successful, more attractive. It’s been said that most leftists are ‘mentally ill’ in some sense, though they project that onto their political enemies — they are masters at projection and denial. But no, the problem is not just that they are outwardly unpleasant but that inwardly they are full of venom and corruption. They are unethical, immoral, and sleazy. That’s what’s deplorable, not these invented ‘sins’ of Islamophobia, ‘racism’, or ‘homophobia.’ Telling, isn’t it, how they had to invent new words to describe their invented sins.

‘Basket of deplorables?’ Mrs. Clinton just described herself and her blind followers.

2 thoughts on “Throwing stones from a glass house

  1. The growth of US population from immigration has an environmental footprint only dwarfed by China’s industrialization. Interesting the same group is behind both and also are the contributors to the Clinton Foundation.

    Our Secret Guardians are so busy exterminating Whites they have extincted untold species in the last 50 years. How do they plan to reverse that? Apparently they don’t care.

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  2. Trump’s supporters are seen as ‘a basket of deplorables’ because many of them still believe in outdated notions like democracy, western civilisation and national sovereignty. The elites (from both parties) had hoped that by now such people would have given up and accepted the rule of the Republican-Democrat uni-party.


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