9/11: Fifteen years on

I remember 9/11/2001 vividly, as do all of us who were old enough to realize the import of what happened then.

Who ever would have imagined, looking back to that day, that fifteen years later we would have a much larger Moslem population in the aftermath of that horrible attack on our country?

In the years since 9/11/2001, the whole subject of the destruction of the ‘Twin Towers’ of the World Trade Center has become very controversial, thanks to the fact that there is now a sizeable percentage of people who reject the official version of what happened that day. Those who believe the official version are often reviled as fools and dupes, as ‘patriotards’. But those who reject all the details of the official story disagree amongst themselves as to just what did happen, and who was responsible.

I don’t want to dive into that controversy today, on this fifteenth anniversary of that horrible day. Suffice it to say that I’ve become something of an agnostic about what happened, and about who was ultimately responsible. I don’t have my own theories of what happened; I am no expert. I am not an engineer, or in any  way qualified to argue about whether the tower could collapse from the heat of the fires caused by burning jet fuel. Few of us are qualified to do that, and we have to rely on conflicting opinions of those who are experts.

The most I can say is that it seems as though the event was at least allowed to happen, just as Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen.

Beyond that, it seems to me to be futile to try to theorize about the details of what happened. I think it seems obvious that we will never know for sure.

And above all, I think it fitting that we take some time to remember the 3,000 or so people who were killed on that day. On the five year anniversary, during my first year as a blogger in 2006, some 2,996 volunteer bloggers each wrote tributes to one victim of the attacks. I was assigned to write a tribute for a couple who were on one of the planes out of Boston. Doing that simple act somewhat personalized things for me; learning something of the people I was assigned to memorialize made them real to me, more than just a statistic.

We do know, if we know nothing else, that thousands of our fellow Americans were needlessly killed on that day, and we know, sadly, that their deaths were preventable, avoidable. And we know how those many deaths could have been prevented. But “our” government refused to take the obvious measures to prevent the attacks and the deaths, and they still refuse to do what they should and must do. Instead they choose to knowingly increase the odds of another such attack sooner or later. It’s only God’s grace that has kept another such attack from happening so far. But for how long?

May those lost on 9/11/01  rest in peace and may God continue to have mercy on us.

2 thoughts on “9/11: Fifteen years on

  1. One of the things we know because we are reminded of it constantly is the contempt the media and establishment have towards us for our wanting to discuss what the evidence is and what it shows. Moreover, this applies to many things, some of which we know they are wrong about such as immigration and diversity.

    As we learn more about 911, it is normal to be angry at those in the media or government who still keep us from even discussing it. This is healthy anger and the media and establishment deserve it.

    One of the most important contributions of your blog is that anger and sometimes even hate are appropriate responses and are given to us because we need them. Those in the media and government who stop any discussion and block or slow down progress in understanding it or exposing it are our enemies and we should feel anger and even hate towards them. They grow rich from stopping us discussing many things that need discussion and fixing for us to survive.

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  2. Thanks, OA. Good points.
    The media are not just objective observers and reporters of events; they are a major part of the effort to stifle honest inquiry, and they are a major force in shaping public opinion towards the ends desired by the Powers That Be. They are part of the problem; they not only fail to find the truth but they actively aid in suppressing truth.

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