Less freedom for honesty

Increasingly, there is no place left for free expression as in politically incorrect (read: honest) ideas, opinions, or images.

On Vox Day’s blog, a report of one Pinterest user having her board on Nationalism deleted as ‘hate speech.’ The fact that it was labeled ‘hate’ indicates, if there was any doubt, that the nationalism at issue was White people’s nationalism. I sincerely doubt that black nationalism or Jewish nationalism/Zionism would be designated as ‘hate’, and such a board would not be summarily deleted, and the owner warned of possible account suspension.

I requested that my Pinterest account be deleted, though it appears that accounts can’t be deleted at the user’s request, only ‘deactivated.’ You can enter but you can’t fully opt out of the Pinterest world. Just as with google, or, come to think of it, with the sacred American Union.

For some time I’ve thought of deleting my Pinterest boards and account, finding it to be time-consuming and rather pointless. Now, I never had a political board there, really, but I did have items related to controversial history and images of the Confederate Battle Flag, which is now being designated as a ‘hate’ symbol. As wrong as that is, the fact is, the enemies of the flag and of the South and her people are now winning, easily, with very little resistance or pushback from our side. Sad. But other than those images (which I expected would sooner or later be the occasion of complaint from some SJW or ‘aggrieved victim’) my boards were innocuous and non-controversial. Actually my reason for being there was for sheer escapism; the desire to divert my mind from all the disheartening news and the lack of an outlet through which to channel my frustration. I just enjoyed looking at, and pinning, examples of beauty in some form or other, something to counter all the ugliness of this upside-down world we inhabit.

And, as John Keats said, beauty is truth, and truth, beauty. Our current world, this present darkness, has banished both.

Am I caving to the politically correct commissars? You might look at it that way, but why just sit and dread the inevitable? I’d rather depart of my own free will and not wait to get my warning letter or notice of suspension. Better to leave by the front door than to be kicked out. Pinterest just isn’t that important to me.

One of my first exposures to Pinterest was when a pro-White woman spoke of it as a possible venue for sharing pro-White views, as she said she was doing. I now have my doubts as to the value of doing that; it seems the majority of users are either apolitical women (from all countries, by the way) and the rest, people with an obvious ‘social justice’ agenda, people who constantly post multicult ‘diversity’ propaganda. I had to unfollow a number of people who constantly pushed that kind of thing. Pinterest may not be as blatantly leftie/globalist/antiWhite as tumblr, but it is still not friendly to White ethnonationalists, as we are seeing.

I don’t think I will miss Pinterest, but the thing that troubles me is that it is becoming more obvious that by design there are fewer and fewer places online where people may speak freely and honestly. I am surprised that the major blogging platforms still allow free speech at all. Soon we may be reduced to speaking in whispers, in secret, as in the old Communist regimes. And with today’s high-tech surveillance, which spares no one, there really is no private communication between individuals anymore — at least if we are to believe the Snowden revelations.

One last thing: the question that occurred to me was: who owns Pinterest?

7 thoughts on “Less freedom for honesty

  1. When it comes to the MSM, he who controls the present, covers up the past. He who covers up the past, covers up what they plan to do to us in the future.

    They hate us and they hate us both because they have been destroying and replacing us and because they plan to continue doing this to us.

    Any group that spends so much time duping us and blocking our talking about what is happening to us is not our secret guardian. They have trouble concealing their scorn of us and at times their TV shows erupt into open hatred of us.

    This happens on Sunday Talk, the Democrat convention, many GOPe meetings, think tanks, academia, ordinary schools, DOJ, the federal courts, etc. To ignore the constant message of hate and of replacing us takes a special type of apathy. Blocking the ones trying to wake up the others is part of that. They also pour contempt and scorn on the ones who persist.

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    • OA – I like your first paragraph there. Good way of putting it.
      It’s sad that our apathetic and brainwashed fellow citizens are often the ones doing the regime’s censorship for them. They have everybody trained and conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to react when any dissent is scented.


  2. Yesterday I pondered the question of free speech given the recent demonstrations by the alleged empathetic black athletes of the NFL.

    Now, I’m not big on blind patrotism or the idea of Americanism at least insofar as it is exemplified by common, everyday Americans. I do believe our service men should be honored and I think recognizing and paying homage to our history is good for us. But there comes a point where it is done just because with no understanding of why – and that isn’t good.

    But anyways, the kinds of people who do become offended by black athletes opposing the national anthem by taking a knee before the game starts and then turn around and defend their expression and First Amendment right to free speech, are testaments to the very uncritical and uneducated core of Americans who wish to maintain America but don’t know what that means and they don’t know how to even go about defending it. They don’t understand how ridiculing these black athletes and liberals that support them while simultaneously defending their supposed right to do that is a kind of self-defeating position. Nobody – and I mean nobody -takes them seriously.

    So, I was thinking yesterday how these people find themselves in such a logically tight spot. Part of the problem is this idea that free speech is an absolute good and must be defended even when the expression of free speech is disastrous and destructive. This seems terribly wrong. Certainly our Constitutional freedoms are limited and tempered by common sense. For example, everybody knows the obvious that you can’t run into a theater screaming fire or onto an airplane and scream bomb. But at the same time who goes about saying things like “Well I don’t like that she is saying these terrible things behind my back and spreading rumors about me that are detrimental to my reputation but you know what she’s protected by the First Amendment so there’s not much I can do and I defend her right to gossip about me.” Or “Well I’m sorry that you’re having a tough time at school, honey. But just as a reminder we Americans are protected by free speech, so if someone is bullying you they have that right.”

    Of course nobody thinks like this. But when it comes to who we are as Americans, or our anthem or any other customary ritual, or our traditions, or our histories white Americans seem hell-bent on defending the supposed and alleged freedoms of many anti American people to speak out and express terribly hateful things against this country and her history. And if you don’t, youre anti American because not defending the free speech of your enemies that seek to destroy you is, you guessed it, anti American.

    Talk about a total quagmire.

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    • Nick, you make a good point there, and I don’t know how to answer it easily. It is a dilemma.
      I think there have always been ‘dissenters’, like Jehovah’s Witnesses or whoever that won’t salute the flag or say the Pledge of Allegiance. But they were tolerated because they just quietly abstained and the media didn’t give them a big megaphone to rail against the flag, or whatever, nor were they inclined to grandstand about it. But with blacks and other minorities, the media give them instant attention when they do something like denounce the flag, etc., and it becomes a big propaganda opportunity, more talk about ‘slavery’ and ‘racism’ and all the rest of it. If the media did not shine the spotlight on these aggrieved ‘victims’ they probably wouldn’t even bother to protest or complain so much. The complicit media enable these people and we have to put up with it.
      I agree that ‘free speech’ has become something of an idol, just as the idea of ‘liberty’ is for libertarians and even lots of Republicans. Liberty to do what? Anything? There are always limits. Liberty has to be balanced with responsibility, which our forefathers understood. Today’s Americans generally don’t get that, and think that liberty is license, and that it’s an unqualified good.


  3. the enemies of the flag and of the South and her people are now winning, easily, with very little resistance or pushback from our side.

    What you have to remember is that the respectable mainstream conservatives are not on our side. They’re not on our side because they’re not conservatives, they’re liberals. Actual conservatives were mostly purged years ago.

    I have no doubt that there are many many people who are disturbed by this PC madness but since the mainstream “conservative” parties have betrayed them. Those who dislike the PC agenda are for the most part disorganised, demoralised and fearful. They have no political party to represent their views and their interests. They have no way of expressing their discontent since both the old media and social media are firmly in the hands of the Thought Police.

    It’s the fearfulness that is the key. People are right to be frightened. Expressing non-PC views can get you fired from your job with little hope of finding alternative employment.

    Of course if everyone who opposed the PC agenda acted together the entire SJW structure of thought control would collapse. But it won’t happen since there is no way of organising the opposition. Individual dissenters simply get targeted and silenced.

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  4. dfordoom – Points taken.
    I do try to reassure myself at times when I feel it’s all hopeless by remembering that the old Communist countries had stringent censorship and social censorship by which I mean the idea of neighbors (and even family) snitching on those who secretly dissented. Nobody thought those regimes would ever topple, at least not as quickly as they did.


  5. Nobody thought those regimes would ever topple, at least not as quickly as they did.

    Regimes can collapse incredibly quickly. They reach a point where suddenly people stop believing. There are signs that may be happening in the West. The British people were told that if they voted for Brexit they were all hateful bigots and the sky would fall, but they suddenly refused to believe the media and the politicians and voted for it anyway.

    At this point I suspect that if given the chance even the French might well vote to leave the EU. That would mean the collapse of the EU and that in turn would completely discredit the globalist agenda. That would have huge implications for the US since the soft totalitarianism of the EU is the model the globalists in the US want to follow. Suddenly globalism would be seen as a failed ideology and nationalism could stage a dramatic comeback.

    There’s always hope.


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