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This discussion on Steve Sailer’s blog features many comments by someone with the creative screen name ‘Anonymous’, who seems to be an example of the paid operatives who are assigned to Internet blogs and forums (fora, if you want to be pedantic) to issue the Official Party Line, and to derail/influence/steer discussion in an appropriate (read: government-sanctioned) way.

This kind of thing has been brought out in the open for several years now, but it’s amazing how it’s still thought of as being more ‘conspiracy theorizing.’ But note how the principals named in that blog piece I link above explicitly discuss how to discredit ‘conspiracy theories’ in general, by Internet manipulation of discussion.

“Sunstein also proposed sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups” which spread what he views as false and damaging “conspiracy theories” about the government.”

Some will say that this ‘Anonymous’ person is just your garden-variety Leftie troll or ideologue. He may well be; there are many such people. This person, however, like many such commenters of that type, seems to have endless hours to devote to hanging on one discussion thread and writing detailed responses to those who disagree. They often seem to be one-man armies of discourse manipulation, and often disinformation.

Not all of them will be focusing on ‘conspiracy theories’ as such but just spreading the usual multicult, anti-White propaganda; trying to demoralize and spread fatalism among people on the right oftentimes is their focus.

Granted, there are many obsessive leftist/multicultis who seem to do nothing but post on multiple blogs and forums and comment sections, often cut-and-paste jobs, the same comments everywhere. They may be the stereotypical slackers living in Mom’s basement, spending days and nights online fighting their ideological enemies but chances are those who spend this much time dispensing so much propaganda online are part of Sunstein’s army or something similar.

3 thoughts on “An illustration

  1. but chances are those who spend this much time dispensing so much propaganda online are part of Sunstein’s army or something similar.

    Agreed. It’s always worth remembering that many SJWs are well paid for their “political activism” – many are not starry-eyed idealists but professional agitators.

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  2. That’s the thing about the whole Social Justice movement. It’s all lies all the way through. Feminists don’t give a damn about women – they care about wealthy college-educatd middle-class career women but they don’t care about ordinary women. Homosexuals don’t care homosexual marriage – all they care about is rubbing straight people’s noses in homosexual depravity. All the racial victim groups hate other racial victim groups as much as they hate whites.

    Social Justice is about money and power.


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