6 thoughts on “It may sound good, but…

  1. Hi LITM. Obviously as you show by referring to blacks’ lack of assimilation, not everybody is assimilable. Not all peoples or cultures can get along and certainly we should want to preserve our own folk.
    Good to see you here, by the way.


  2. I occasionally leave comments at various Alt-lite sites to the point that “assimilation” ultimately means intermarriage + generations. For years I’ve noted that wearing jeans, eating pizza, and speaking some form of “English” hardly means assimilation or makes one all-American. The hyphenated-American sense of identity or conflicting cultural loyalties are the result of various European ethnicities inbreeding on this continent. It has not worked out all that well. I think I like your term better, and will now preface any comment I make on “assimilation” with “Assimilation = ethnocide.”

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    • Hi Sheila,
      Thanks for your approving comment about my wording, though somebody else may have used that formula or something similar.
      It seems that lots of people haven’t thought through the full implications of ‘assimilation’ or ‘integration.’ It needs to be emphasized and I know you leave a lot of good comments around various blogs.


  3. The point to remember, and to emphasise, is that assimilation is bad for both parties. It’s destructive of both cultures. The end result is that the cultural heritages of both get trashed. The melting pot is actually a very apt metaphor – throw everything into the melting pot and you get a big gluggy tasteless, flavourless mess.

    Of course the aim is to produce a kind of non-culture. With nobody having any culture or tradition, with culture reduced to reality television, superhero movies, facebook and moronic non-music people will be nothing but consumers. That suits the elites very well. An easily controllable population that can be relied upon to function as nothing more than a market for the shoddy degenerate products that the elites want them to buy.


  4. dfordoom – yes, there is a mutual loss of culture usually in a true ‘melting pot’ and both sides lose something.
    It does seem though that the more alien the group of people the more they are allowed to retain at least some aspects of their culture while we are now expected to adapt to them more than the other way around.
    The global monoculture based on the trashy mass media seems to be what’s left. It seems as though the young are especially products of this, and ‘gang signs’ are the new universal language, along with the rest of the ‘urban’ subculture.


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