This piece sums it up for me

I wasn’t able to get a blog post of my own out today; we had an Internet outage here. But making quick rounds of the blogs I usually look at, I came across this piece, by Alex Fontana. I was not aware of his blog; I found it here; thanks to Alternative Right.

Read the whole piece at Alex Fontana’s blog. He makes some analogies between the ‘Alt-Right’ and the New Left of the 1960s, with its ‘sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll’ carnival atmosphere, more concerned with wreaking cultural and social havoc than with the old left and its ideology.

I’ve been trying to articulate for myself just what it is that I find unsettling about the Alt-Right as it’s been mutating in the last several months. Granted, I don’t claim to be part of the Alt-Right, though I’ve thought of them as basically in sympathy with the same goals, broadly speaking, as mine. I don’t assume that the arbiters of just who is considered Alt-Right would include someone like me; I consider myself an ethnonationalist (not strictly a WN, though I think Moldbug, guru of many on the right was the first to label me that way). However I’ve never been one for doctrines and labels and ideologies.

But I have been troubled to see that it seems that the Alt-Right, having had the spotlight shone on it by Hillary, is now enjoying the notoriety and feeling the heady feeling of having ‘arrived’ in the national consciousness. However notoriety (or fame) carries a price; oftentimes hangers-on and attention-seekers appear and attach themselves to the newly-famous. Opportunists and people with their own agendas pop out of the woodwork. Then you’ve got the factor of The Powers-That-Be trying to infiltrate and co-opt any newly popular movement, one that they perceive as a threat.

Meanwhile, a group wanting to attain more power by building on the opportunity provided by media coverage may compromise itself in the quest for greater numbers. “Let’s reach out and be more inclusive!” The Big Tent philosophy, so popular with the GOPe, is now the goal for many of the party faithful. More voters! Let’s reach out to gays!  My radar says beware of this temptation, but yet I haven’t noticed anyone calling for caution.

There are parallels with what happened to the Tea Party, the way in which they tried to be all things to all people — as well as parallels with the Sixties ‘New Left’, which tried to lure the empty-headed hedonists rather than the political junkie leftists.

The following needed to be said.

“How do we keep from sliding down the rabbit hole of dissidence for the LOLs that Milo seems to think the whole enterprise is meant to achieve? How do we avoid the pitfalls of the New Left yet still be able to attract those fence-sitting, shallow, attention-deficient, synthetically stimulated Last Men reared on South Park and Opie and Anthony? Do we even want them? Are the carnival lights too engaging and are those who embody the true AltRight just not entertaining enough to hold our attention?”

I hope the quoted words above are heeded.

4 thoughts on “This piece sums it up for me

  1. The Big Tent philosophy, so popular with the GOPe, is now the goal for many of the party faithful. More voters! Let’s reach out to gays! My radar says beware of this temptation, but yet I haven’t noticed anyone calling for caution.

    That worries me as well.

    And if people like Milo represent the face of the alt-right then I don’t want anything to do with it. To me social and cultural conservatism are the values that matter and they’re non-negotiable.


  2. Alex Fontana hates northern Europeans, especially Anglo-Saxons. When he talks about us he sounds like Al Sharpton and Abe Foxman. Forget Milo, I don’t want anything to do with the Fontanas of this world. (Real Italians are fine. It’s the fake inferiority complex-ridden ones who live in North America, Australia and Scandinavia who behave like enemies).


  3. Nice, glad you found some resonance in my article, I was hesitant about publishing.
    Avery, I don’t hate northern Europeans, I hate Nordicism, I get it, but I hate it for obvious reasons. I am a bit of a Wasphobe, but they deserve it because the historical research vindicates it, not because of my personal beliefs. I want to force the movement to choose, Nordicism or pan-European, you cannot have both, you cannot expect PIGS to remain your second rate lapdogs. “Fake Italian” guess that makes you a “fake” whatever the fuck you are. “Inferiority complex-ridden” probably but there are many reasons for this and not all of it comes down to you, the point is that I am able to be self-reflective, I know my shortcomings, I know who I am, WASPs tend to reflect everything outward like a mirror, for them it is the world outside that is fallible, they are never to blame for anything. You say I am behaving like an enemy, WASPs have been doing that for well past the last four hundred years, it’s time to look in the mirror. Either we are part of one European Brotherhood, or we are not, I am not the one causing divisiveness, but a good defense is a good offense.


  4. VA and Alex,

    I think these are timely comments on the Alt-Right. There does seem to be an establishment alt-right (EAR). To get near the EAR you have to be listed on the SPLC website.

    Those of us far from the EAR have no need to fear the SPLC it appears. However, as you have noticed, when far from the EAR, the EAR hears us not.

    The inner EAR includes Richard Spencer of Radix who has in the past supported a South Asian for Congress because he was Libertarian. He didn’t care that the person was for H-1b. Spencer also belittled defeating Eric Cantor. Spencer was against Brexit. Spencer was definitely a Libertarian at heart a few years ago. If he has changed, it is wobbly as we have seen.

    Others of the inner EAR have also been barely pro-White or not pro-White at all just a few years back. John Derbyshire appears to be fairly pro-White now but was ambivalent or worse a few years back.

    Ram Z Paul, who I am told is a humorist, a few years back seemed to be very careful just to mock PC. He seems to have moved more towards pro-White.

    Steve Sailer used to be known for citizenism. Citizenism seemed to advocate we let East Asians takeover. Sort of a West Coast thing. I think he has moved pro-White since then.

    Many have complained that Amren comment threads were particular about what could be said. Some say that has changed. Amren seems to erupt regularly in drama. Otherwise it seems an uncertain trumpet to many.

    Vdare tries to stick to immigration and maintains neutrality on politics for IRS reasons I believe. It has always had solid research and some of the authors are clearly pro-White and even veer towards pro-Anglo.

    I put myself in the pro-Anglo camp. I think you have made a solid critique, VA, of pan White nationalism. If European history is a guide, European nations like to be on their own. This seems the experience with Ellis Islanders who have no use for Anglos except when looking for funding lavish government pensions. Doesn’t seem to be working for Scranton these days.


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