Another hate crime

Yet another attack on a White young man in the South, apparently for his race and for challenging the BLM propaganda.

I read about this here, originally, and now I see that Hunter Wallace has written about on Occidental Dissent. As this happened in Alabama I expected Hunter to cover it.

Brian Ogle, 17, is in critical condition with a fractured skull and trauma to his brain, WBMA reported.

His mother, Brandi Allen, says her son was targeted for his views, and she is calling the beating a “hate crime.”

The photo of the injured young man is distressing. It puts me in mind of the Carter Strange incident back in 2011, which happened in South Carolina. That story was not given enough coverage when it occurred, and that’s unsurprising because attacks like the one on Carter Strange as well as on Brian Ogle do not fit the media’s lying narrative about how blacks are always victims and never victimizers. The concept of “hate crimes”, as a new category of crime, was meant to be used against White people, the idea being that only Whites are capable of committing ‘hate crimes’ and only blacks and other ‘minorities’ can be victims of such crimes. However it has not worked out quite as the lying media intended, as so many alleged ”hate crimes” against the protected groups prove to be hoaxes and lies.

See also Michelle Malkin’s list of hate crime hoaxes here.

I hope Brian Ogle recovers from his injuries, as it appears Carter Strange has. It’s good to see that Carter has seemingly healed but it’s sad, to my way of thinking, that he seems to have been imbued with the idea that his attacker can be ‘rehabilitated’ during his prison term, which was 15 years. It seems most of the younger generations, yes, even in the ‘deep South’ have assimilated the ideas of the ‘therapeutic society’ rather than the old moral codes of right and wrong, and of justice as paramount, not automatic forgiveness and ‘understanding.’ Somebody in society needs to be mindful of justice, not just for those who are individual victims of these attacks, though their injuries are grievous enough, but for the rest of us, who are also, in an indirect way, victims of these attackers. Because make no mistake, we are all targets of this genuine hatred; certain individuals have the misfortune to be the ones physically attacked, but all of us are attacked vicariously in these incidents. And there are few voices speaking up for us, or attempting to address these very real — not hoaxed — hate crimes.

In the meantime, let’s not forget Brian Ogle and other such targets of hate. Prayers for them and their families are in order — and for the rest of us, because we are of the same flesh and blood, all of us.

2 thoughts on “Another hate crime

  1. A Facebook friend of mine – a traditionally minded Catholic – shared this story earlier. Her remarks were quite telling, because she implied there exists a vendetta against white people that support policemen and reject the false narrative of BLM.

    Interestingly enough, the same Facebook friend that shared this today also chastised me a year a half ago for dabbling in conspiracies and hate speech for criticizing the black community. Perhaps more whites are waking up? One can hope.

    Another point I take away from this is how violence done against groups turns large numbers of people against deeply held beliefs. We can see this during the Civil Rights era. Blacks purposely marching in white neighborhoods, agitating to the point of violence, and then having their pictures taken. Whites that saw these photos were appalled and so slowly began siding with black rights groups – if only to seem separated from their barbaric bretheren.

    In my mind, the black militant groups of the day are desperate to overthrow the white majority but their violent ways are serving a different purpose altogether. Their losing support from non blacks, because non blacks are not as likely to acquiesce violent groups, especially the Asians and whites, and especially when they do violence to policemen and innocent people.

    So, while it’s a tragedy these young men suffer life altering injuries they’ve done more than they know – and they should be remembered for their courge – for speaking the truth about black dysfunction is an act of courage today. They’re living proofs of how some blacks see and treat white people and their injuries serve to further extinguish the support many are giving to the black community.

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  2. Thanks, Nick, for your comments.
    I like to think you are right, and I hope that these crimes or acts of terror, really, might bring about something positive even though they do result in innocent people suffering.
    Let’s hope that some people will begin to see the harm done by all the angry and violent rhetoric and agitation.
    How long, too, before people catch on that the media are playing a part in this, too, with all their goading and prodding and stirring up bitterness?


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