Internet outages?

Earlier I was typing a blog post and we suddenly had an Internet outage, which meant that my draft did not save, and was lost. I was wondering if others out there have had Internet outages or problems, as we’ve had several in the last couple of weeks, sometimes lasting hours at a time. In the past it’s happened rarely.

I have been reading of others having outages also, and there is this post about the subject. I don’t think it’s to do with the Wikileaks press conference (which was a big nothing, anyway) especially considering that there have been several lately.

Does anybody out there have similar problems? I’d like to hear.


4 thoughts on “Internet outages?

  1. Apparently lots of conservative and dissident sites are having this problem at the moment. is down at the moment. But it’s just a weird coincidence and it has nothing to do with the U.S. election.


  2. VA

    I hop around the Internet world by using three different browsers placed in the top line of my computer to help thwart any interference from those who do interfere. Those browsers are TOR, Mozilla Firefox, and the latest and newest called BRAVE. That last browser alert was obtained by reading Jim Stone Freelance.

    Some computer peculiarities have arisen within the past few months that seem out of the ordinary, similar to being re-directed for a split second of time and then returned to normal. Embedded photos seem to appear and disappear at random, some past posts from years ago have had the font size reduced to its smallest size which requires a magnifying glass to read, and some past posts have disappeared altogether leaving a blank space except for the title. Also, my web counter is showing a 20% drop since last summer. When traveling and using public libraries’ WI-FI or other locations, I’m often blocked when accessing my own website because it’s labeled as a “hate site”. And so it goes.

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  3. Thanks to all for your responses. I genuinely wanted to know if this was happening elsewhere.

    ELN, thanks for your information. I do use different browsers for different needs, having several on my PC and on the laptop. I tried TOR in the early days though it seemed to slow things down a lot. Then we heard a lot about how Tor was ‘compromised’ or it was flypaper, so it’s hard to know what to think. Likewise with VPNs; do they draw notice to the user? Apparently we are all being targeted, everybody, according to what Snowden said. So it’s hard to know what choices to make.
    We still legally have the freedom to speak our minds. Theoretically. On paper. For whatever that is worth these days….

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