Glass houses, again

The fake outrage being directed by Hillary et al in the wake of the Trump ‘scandal’ is absurd. Not only Hillary but all the Clintons’ blind followers are guilty of defending the worst sort of lewd and immoral behavior, going back to the 1980s and 1990s, at a time when the country still had some vestiges of Christian sexual morality.

I can remember when Hillary as well as the rest of the Clinton media mouthpieces brazenly said, on national TV, that adultery was no big deal; everybody did it, and not only that, everybody lied about it afterward. ‘Of course you’d lie! Who wouldn’t lie? Why would you confess to it if you weren’t caught in the act? Lying is reasonable and understandable human behavior!’ That was the anti-moral party line coming from the Clintons and all their lackeys back then.

Bill Clinton denied, in the most bald-faced way, all the many allegations of rape or sexual assault against him; his accusers were many. But there was little attempt to deny that he did have at least one adulterous affair, that with Gennifer Flowers. Hillary, by all accounts, knew of this and was willing to stay with him in spite of it, so her morality was not so puritanical as her present feigned ‘horror’ about Trump’s comments would indicate.

The left, in general, is the most libertine, sexually loose and immoral segment of society, though unfortunately their libertinism is now shared across the political spectrum. People who hold to the old Biblical morality of chastity and sex within marriage are few and far-between, but it is primarily the left that loudly champions ”anything goes” sexuality and public sexual displays — media, advertising, public nudity, etc. So just how they think they can credibly have it both ways in pretending that Trump’s ”locker room” talk is ”horrific” is beyond me. And nobody should let them get away with it.

Obviously I’m part of two of the groups (women and Christians) who are supposed to be turned away from Trump by this ‘scandal’ but then I never held any illusions that Donald Trump or any other politician (except, possibly one or two real Christians who may exist in politics) shared my traditional moral standards. It’s pretty much a given to me that politics is not the place to expect to find people with Christian sexual morality.  And from all I have read Hillary is no paragon of traditional morality in her own, shall we say, irregular personal choices, quite apart from her condoning and being complicit in her ”husband’s” sexual predations.

7 thoughts on “Glass houses, again

  1. If we were hiring a pastor, then I might care about Trump’s comments (which I believe were illegally recorded without his consent). But as you said, coming from a group who condoned various forms of immorality in all its glorious permutations (and today wants us to celebrate the same), hypocrisy is not a strong enough term to describe these liberal democrats.

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    • Andrew, I agree. One holds Christian leaders, (pastors, teachers, etc.) to higher standards than politicians, especially in this post-Clinton era. I wish we lived in a world in which moral, Christian men were our politicians but that world is gone, for now. So I don’t expect the highest moral standards from our secular leaders. If we did so we would find nobody fit to elect, probably, except a rare few.


  2. I just saw where John McManiac has dropped his endorsement of Trump because of this “scandal.” He said he was appalled by Trump’s attitude toward women. This is the man who cheated on his loyal and faithful wife and then dumped her for a younger, prettier, and richer replacement.

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    • Roland, yes, and worst was that his wife had been badly injured and disfigured in an accident, after which he left her for the young, pretty, healthy, non-disabled replacement.
      It seems to me that Newt Gingrich had a similar story, leaving a wife who was hospitalized with cancer or something.
      A very principled, moral bunch of people, these politicians. And the GOP is not much better if at all than the Democrats.


  3. This was no doubt orchestrated. It’s easy to assume the Left was behind this, but my money’s on the Beltway right.

    Many reasons can be given to support this thought.

    Most peculiar to me is why this was not dropped before the VP debate, which would not only make Pence look just as bad (and likely cost him a victory) and then ride that on into the debate this Sunday, if it was the Left that in fact leaked this video to the Press?

    Instead of finding a silver lining here, and working together to bury these stupid comments, the GOPe immediately went to work distancing themselves from Trump, some even calling for his withdraw so Pence can assume the role, and demonstrating all sorts of virtue signaling and pretense.


    This a play straight out of “A Game of Thrones”. Never trust your enemies, especially when you were pivotal in threating their grip on power and further turning their constituents against them.

    I agreed with you from the start: Trump’s plan to absorb the GOPe into his movement was always a bad idea and now they’re drawing the knives they’ve been sharpening for the last several months.

    A dirty caravan of craven Israel first Neoconservatives that salivate over a Universal democracy.

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    • Nick – agreed. You may not believe it but I wrote my new post before reading your comment here — obviously I wrote something along the same lines as what you say. I guess it’s logical, given the people involved, to assume that this was some kind of dirty deal, a coup of sorts. I would easily believe that the Democrats were colluding with the GOPe, as some are saying.


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