An inside job

No doubt I’ve grown more suspicious and cynical about politics over the last couple of decades (especially in the post-Clinton years) but this media-created Trump scandal smacks of an inside job, probably planned by the GOPe/Never Trumpers. Ted Cruz is now ‘considering’ withdrawing his half-endorsement of Trump; I think he only did it knowing full well this ‘bombshell’ was coming in October, then he could affect a stance of moral outrage and withdraw his support. Likewise, Ryan.

And it’s possible, at least according to this, that the whole thing may have been co-ordinated with Hillary’s people, who may have given a ‘heads-up’ to the GOPe.

This is all just more evidence that both parties are hopelessly corrupt and that they are in fact a ‘uniparty’ who merely put on a ‘pro-wrestling’ type of show of being antagonists, each claiming to represent the people. To them, we are just dupes and fools, apparently. A plague on both their houses.

Trump should really run as an independent although I am sure that would prove to be more difficult than it sounds.

One thought on “An inside job

  1. VA, I agree with you on the uniparty pro-wrestling show. They seem determined to push it in our faces.

    One of their concepts is if we don’t like it, we can organize ourselves. But when we get a leader they trash him or co-opt him or block him.

    It also shows the establishment doesn’t pay attention to the numbers. Medicare, wages, jobs, immigration, demography don’t really interest them. They are the ones who are apathetic to learning these.

    Their attitude is dupe the public and the numbers will take care of themselves. Well they haven’t. Even for the establishment, the numbers are not working out if you look at their own fertility in the big metro areas. They are just mad.

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