Our system fails us, again

I don’t like to write much about these kinds of horrifying stories; there are enough bloggers who shine the spotlight on such occurrences; that’s their specialty, so I don’t feel called to write about it. But this case just distresses me, not only because it is one more in a never-ending series of such avoidable outrages, but because so many people end up focusing on irrelevancies like this ”man’s” immigration status.

It doesn’t matter whether he was here legally or illegally; the point is he does not belong here, should not be here, should never have crossed the “border” into our country, and this poor child should never have encountered him, or anyone like him.
About this time the usual crowd — bleeding-heart Republicans or lefties, will say: ‘but we have native-born sex offenders, too.’

Unfortunately, yes, we do, and we are stuck with them, until or unless somebody catches on that these kinds of lowlifes cannot be ”cured” by therapy or good intentions or understanding or pills or ‘chemical castration.’ Some would doubtless argue that we cannot execute people like this — after all we hardly even execute killers, even mass killers, anymore. Failing execution we should find a way to send them off the planet somewhere, but that isn’t likely to happen soon, sadly. So yes, we are stuck with these miscreants who are born here, and who are of our folk. But it must be pointed out that certain cultures, the Hispanic/mestizo culture being one of them, are more prone to this kind of behavior. Some other cultures do not share our ideas about minimum ages for sexual activity, or about the need for consent on the part of both partners, providing both are of the age to give consent.

And there’s little evidence that it is only the illegal foreigners in our country who are guilty of this kind of thing; having papers or documents does not mean the possessor is of good character, especially when many Third World immigrants have no paper trails, and cannot be ‘vetted’; there is an element of wishful thinking in the idea that ‘if we just vet them thoroughly, they will be good bets.’ No. Immigrants, refugees, legal or illegal, we cannot vet most of them. We can only go by the overall picture of the cultures these people are coming from, and assess them accordingly. We cannot gamble any more lives on the long shot, on the notion that most of them are harmless people, just like us under the skin.

Legal or illegal, we don’t need more immigrants of any kind from these kinds of backward and degenerate cultures.

This latest case in Texas reminded me of another case, also in Texas, several years ago, in which a rancher caught a Latino immigrant (ironically named ‘Jesus‘) molesting his (the rancher’s) 5-year old daughter. He beat the man severely and the ‘man’ died as a result.

God bless the Texas legal system; they did not charge the father for beating the offender (who of course died, ultimately.) That poor child will likely never be the same, as with many children who suffer such a fate,  but at least she won’t have to relive the whole experience through the legal system for years. Her father acted on a natural and healthy impulse to save and protect his daughter, and in doing so, he may well have saved others from the same fate, by removing the offender, preventing further crimes and outrages.

Whereas this ‘man’ (with the ironic name ‘Alas‘) in Fort Worth will likely live to offend another day, and likely against other children, after they briefly institutionalize him and give him ‘therapy’, then release him. Will he then be deported? Maybe, but then the odds are that he will be back. Multiple times, like most such deportees.

Our immigration system and our legal system are failing us, and failing our children.

And most of the ‘conservatives’ can only harp on his being ‘illegal.’ The point, though, is that he should not be here, legally or illegally, nor should tens of millions of others whose contribution to our society is all negative.

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