Just that easy

When the ‘Milo’/Alt-right love affair started I was wary, because whenever any ‘protected group’ is incorporated into the ‘Big Tent’, chances are that group will begin to impose its agenda (which is counter to that of the majority, always) onto the majority. “We need their votes!” Or, in Milo’s case, “He fights! He wins! We need fighters.”

Doesn’t anyone think that it’s a sad commentary that an effeminate homosexual has to “fight” on behalf of straight men who should be able to champion their own interests?

[An aside: the gay ‘Daddy will save us” hashtag,  referring to Trump, is mentioned. Maybe some FReepers don’t realize that for gay men, the term ‘daddy’ has a specific meaning.]

Anyway, the title of this post is a description of how easily the ‘mainstream GOP’ types at Free Republic are all fine with the “gay community” getting on the Trump train. Just read the comments here. How many dissenters are there? Watch. Those people will soon be called ‘homophobic’ and told that they are hindering The Cause by their bigotry.

No victim group left behind.

Yes, by all means, we need two parties competing for the ‘gay vote’ and two parties (at least) competing for the African-American vote, the Hispanic vote, the Moslem vote, etc. etc.

What will happen to our interests in this scenario? Just asking. Rhetorically, of course.

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